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Ms. Vines' Second Grade. Welcome to second gradeRoom 311Find the seat and locker with your nameOn the first day

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1. Welcome to Ms. Vines’ Second Grade www.graphicgarden.com

2. Ms. Vines’ Second Grade Welcome to second grade Room 311 Find the seat and locker with your name On the first day… put all your supplies on your desk and get started on the Morning Work Put your paper towels, soap, sanitizer, and pencils on the kidney table

3. The Plan Enter with a smile. Unpack quietly and quickly Bring everything you need for the day Mark what you will have for lunch Get a pencil Go to the restroom Begin your Morning Work in your spiral notebook Write one full page on the page after your Morning Work

4. Restroom Breaks Before school Midmorning After Lunch Mid-afternoon As needed when not teaching The restroom is not a social area… think about where you are please. Some people are shy, respect their privacy.

5. Our Classroom Rules We don’t have any rules until after we meet the first day of school. We will review Mrs. Smith’s Behavior Matrix, and then the class will make rules they can follow in our classroom. We develop ownership by making the rules important to us. We will practice what it feels like to follow the rules to build muscle memory and stamina.

6. Consequences Good Behavior gets: praise special privileges an earned event Not so good behavior gets: Notes or Phone calls to parents A visit to the administrators In-house suspension or suspension from school

7. Jobs Jobs change on Mondays Do your job There are 2 substitutes to do the jobs if there is an absence Bathroom monitors work quietly You will be fired if you do not do your job correctly after a warning

8. Pencils Everyone contributes 40 pencils When you pack up each day put you pencil in the used pencil basket Pencil Sharpener sharpens them at the end of each day Get a fresh pencil each morning If you pencil breaks, put your broken one in the used basket and get a fresh one Keep pencils out of you mouth!

9. Lunch Put your clothespin on your lunch choice If your job is to take the lunch count, use the form and count the numbers on the chart, lunch count has to be in by 8:00 I will take lunch money up and fill in the envelope Please send in lunch money on Mondays. If your job is to wipe our tables, do so quickly and quietly and NO RUNNING

10. Snacks and Water You may bring a water bottle as long as you understand how to care for the privilege (spills, dropping on the floor) Students need a pick me up about midmorning so they may bring a healthy snack to eat. Healthy snacks: popcorn, pretzels, fruit, crackers. (please do not send packaged snacks with high sugar content)

11. Heading Your Work Use the first space where you have a top line and a bottom line Name Number Date You are responsible for putting your name, number, and date on your paper every time.

12. School /System Wide NO FIGHTING POLICY Bully- a person who teases, hurts, or threatens others

13. I expect: Students to be on time to class. Students to complete work in a timely fashion without interrupting other students. Students should not bring toys to school unless requested to by a teacher. Students should treat everyone as they want to be treated. Students should always try their hardest. Students should always use their best manners. Students should always have their BEE Books at school each

14. The BEE Book Bring Everything Everyday Organizational tool Must come to school and go home each day Teacher/Parent Notes Graded Papers Notes from PTA or other Organizations Class News Calendar Money Behavior Journal

15. Keys to a Great Year Be POSITIVE Use words to solve problems Put your name on your papers Complete your work in a timely manner Use your manners: PLEASE, THANK YOU, NO THANK YOU, MAY I, I AM SORRY

16. Problems Children don’t want to be in trouble and will protect themselves when telling parents about an event All parties have a side to the story… and no one started “it” If there is a problem, please talk to me I teach problem solving to my students

17. Problem Solving Giving Students Responsibility I get the parties involved to face one another and have eye contact I have the complaining student tell the other student what they did We give the other student the opportunity to apologize and the complaining student to respond Students are proud of themselves when they can solve their own problems and will seek adults to tell about it

18. Ways To Contact Me 859-7187 and leave a message, please don’t ask to be put through to my classroom during the school day- in the afternoons I am in meetings or preparing for the next day: leave a message Email [email protected] [email protected] Note in the BEE Book (tell your child there is a note for me)

19. AR Computer Comprehension Check Every student needs to take at least one test each week… to make that happen, we will all take one on our last weekly visit to the computer lab To do well read the book carefully, talk about the book to someone, and try taking an online test at www.bookadventure.net

20. Vines’ Class News Weekly newsletter to help parents keep in contact with our week Classroom Needs Homework Spelling Words Important Events and Reminders Goes home on Fridays… Posted on webpage

21. Parties We have 2 parties each year: Winter Holidays Celebration and End Of The Year Celebration We have a policy in place where students cannot share foods with sugar or high fructose sugar as the first ingredient If you want to share your birthday with your classmates… popcorn, pretzels, Goldfish Crackers, non food items, or a craft activity We will have some other celebrations throughout the year

22. Successful Year Be on time Have your supplies Have your lunch money/lunch Do your best Turn in your work with you name on it Be RESPONSIBLE for your actions Have a good time Smile when you come to school Use your manners

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