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The new European Network University - how to get a masters degree - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The European Networked University - as part of the EU e-Learning Initiative Harald Haugen & Bodil Ask ICT in Teacher Education, Rosendal, June 28, 2002 Background The European e-Learning initiative The mENU project Objectives Organisatio n and activities Outcomes

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The European Networked University

- as part of the EU e-Learning Initiative

Harald Haugen & Bodil Ask

ICT in Teacher Education, Rosendal, June 28, 2002

We will talk about l.jpg


The European e-Learning initiative

The mENU project


Organisation and activities


From a model to a permanent ENU

We will talk about -

Experiences l.jpg

Norwegian projects

Norwegian Networked University (NVU)

IT for teachers

In service training for teachers (in ICT)


European situation l.jpg


European situation

The e learning initiative l.jpg

The European Union intends to -

design tomorrow's education

foster the European dimension of joint development of ICT ... in higher education

stimulate European networking for

virtual European universities

partnerships and cooperation

university degree programmes

The e-Learning Initiative

The menu project model for a european networked university for e learning l.jpg

Partnership between 11 partners in 7 countries

Contracts and commitment


Grant from European Commission (~50%)

Partners' own resources (50%) - and enthusiasm, 100% !

Project homepage for info:

The mENU project model for a European Networked University for e-learning

Objectives l.jpg

Create a network of institutions

Establish joint study programmes across institutional and national borders

A demonstrator - a master degree programme

Quality assurance system

Develop a model for management and services of a virtual university


Organisation and activities l.jpg

Partnership between independent institutions, based on a signed agreement

Sharing of duties, responsibilities and funding; project organsisation

Central secretarial function; support & linkage

Dissemination of reports and findings for dissemination (Valencia conf. for dissemination, 24-25 April 2003)

The model organisation, mENU, will act as a 'core' for a future ENU, allowing new partners from F/03

Organisation and activities

Tested models l.jpg

Co-operative model

Tested Models

Previous projects

Slide12 l.jpg

Model Study Plan for ICT in Education



Content w/matrix of modules + appendixes




Revision of previous study programmes

New Model to be Tested

Slide13 l.jpg

International degree standard

3 years higher education for Bachelor degree

Another 2 years for the Master degree

Professional master degree

Based on professional certification

Scientific master degree

Scientificly founded on R&D within a specific discipline

Master Degree in ICT in Education

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Set conditions for the MD at HSH:

Each vertical column: 30 (ECTS) credits

Each module still up for discussions

Total: 120 (ECTS) credits, i.e. 2 years

All study material to be available on web

physical and/or netbased seminars

Open for new methods of assessment

Master Degree in ICT in Education

Slide16 l.jpg


Content of modules may vary internally

New /other modules may substitute for the listed ones

Exchange of students & modules accross boarders

Collboration on student tutoring & registr.

Master Degree in ICT in Education

Expected outcomes l.jpg

A functional model for an international, networked university

Documentation of (m)ENU

Strategic plan, business plan, study plans etc.

Routines for exchange of students, learning resources & courses across borders

Established master degree programmes, mutually accepted by partner institutions

Expected outcomes

From a model to a permanent enu l.jpg

The model will be evaluated, revised and universitypre-pared for a permanent, sustainable structure

Partnership will be open to institutions outside the mENU partner group and countries

The number of study programmes and courses will increase

English will remain common language, but national translations will run in parallell

From a model to a permanent ENU

Slide19 l.jpg

Academic flexibility and collaboration university

content of study programmes; new modules may substitute for standard ones

interinstitutional collaboration and exchange of resources, students and staff - virtual mobility

available studies where and when desired

Characteristics of ENU

Critical factors of success l.jpg

Mutual trust and acceptance between academics - bridging universityivory towers

Status of e-learning for academic credit

Focus on collaboration vs competition

Overcoming internal barriers

economy, power and envy - "The Law of Jante"

Loyalty and self-esteem within the group

Critical factors of success

Critical factors ii l.jpg

Standardisation of learning material (?) university

Support function

Technical structures and maintenance

Organisational structure ('a secretariat')

System that rewards those who contribute

in order to maintain motivation and efforts

eLearning as a combination of technological push and educational pull

Critical factors II

The marriage of top down and bottom up strategies l.jpg

Bottom-up university

The marriage of top-down and bottom-up strategies

The eLearning initiative



Innovative practitioners

Relevant urls l.jpg
Relevant URLs university

  • Stord/Haugesund University College:

  • MENU project:

  • Norwegian Networked University (NVU): http://www,

  • In-service training in ICT for teachers (only in Norwegian yet):