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J-50 Lab 1 Welcome and introductions Why are we here? File Management Web-surfing Signature Files Newsgroups and mailing lists For next lab, read DTE pages 38-98 (searches, history, research strategies) and pp. 99-152 . Some Questions for Discussion

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J 50 lab 1 l.jpg
J-50 Lab 1

  • Welcome and introductions

  • Why are we here?

  • File Management

  • Web-surfing

  • Signature Files

  • Newsgroups and mailing lists

    For next lab, read DTE pages 38-98 (searches, history, research strategies) and pp. 99-152.

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

Some questions for discussion l.jpg
Some Questions for Discussion

  • What are some of the problems and benefits putting so much information on the Internet?

  • Is communication on a computer fundamentally different from face-to-face communication? How does that affect us?

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

Basics of file management l.jpg
Basics of File Management

  • Use “My Computer”

    • My Computer – (right click Desktop Icon)

    • Create folders (file menu, new)

    • Move files and folders (click, hold, and drag)

    • Delete both files and folders (highlight, right click)

    • Copy files – automatically to different drives

    • Remember to frequently backup your files

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

Understand your h drive l.jpg
Understand your ‘H’ drive

  • Your ONYEN account includes disk space that you can access anywhere on campus.

  • This is called the H drive. Whenever you log into the UNC system, you can save files to your H drive – just be sure to save them into the ‘Documents’ folder.

  • We’ll learn more about the H drive when we begin to create our websites.

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

Important terms p 28 l.jpg
Important Terms (p. 28)

  • browser: software to help us see text and graphic, audio or visual content

    • Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera are browserson the lab computers

  • Client -- server: a server is a powerful computer where a lot of information resides; a client is any technology that requests and receives information from the server

    • You will create a website that will resideon UNC's server

    • You will look at your website in Mozilla or IE, which are clients.

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

The flexible web browser l.jpg
The flexible web browser

  • Read Net Essentials (DTE 29-37) for browser tips

  • Cut-and-paste links or text into a Word document or email to take e-notes

  • Save a bookmark list to disk

  • Toolbars and Commands

  • Preferences

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

Using a signature file l.jpg
Using a signature file

  • A signature file is your contact information placed at the bottom of each outgoing message. It adds a professional touch to your messages.

  • What information should you provide? Generally, your full name, title or academic affiliation, your e-mail address, a website URL and a phone number. Why would you not share your home address?

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

A sample signature file l.jpg
A sample signature file:

**************Henri RodinSculptor3 Rue Claudel Paris, France

[email protected]


JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

Create your signature l.jpg
Create your signature

  • Login at webmail.unc.edu

  • Click the Preferences link at the topof the page

  • In the signature box, type your information

  • Click OK when done.

  • Compose a new message to see your signature file.

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

Mailing lists l.jpg
Mailing Lists

  • Mailing lists are used to communicate among people using a central address that distributes messages to all subscribers.

  • Mailing lists can be personal, like entering multiple addresses into an email, or automated, as with a listserv that you subscribe to for a class.

  • You can create your own mailing list in email software by using the address book function

  • A good source for mailing lists is http://www.lsoft.com/lists/listref.html

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

Newsgroups l.jpg

  • Network News: A loose federation of servers with many thousands of discussion forums; hierarchically organized (top-level hierarchies include news., rec., sci., soc., alt., comp., and others).

  • You can subscribe to different newsgroups. Many software packages “thread” messages or group them by subject.

  • UNC lacks an easy way to access newsgroups. But you can read them at http://groups.google.com.

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

Lists and groups are important l.jpg
Lists and groups are important

  • Most organizations use mailing lists to communicate, so you need to know how to use them and their general rules of behavior, such as replying to an individual vs. replying to a list and how to subscribe and unsubscribe.

  • Both newsgroups and mailing lists are excellent ways to locate experts on specific topics and gather information.

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

Netiquette l.jpg

  • What is it? A series of conventions for how to ‘behave’ on the Internet.

  • Why have these rules?

  • Netiquette QuizTake this quiz – it’s hyperlinked on online class syllabus

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

The treasure hunt l.jpg
The Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is your first major assignment for J-50. See the DTE (pp. 258-264) for the full instructions.

  • These are the minimum requirements

  • An introduction of a few paragraphs

  • 2 keyword searches for 3 separate databases

  • 2 print and 1 non-print UNC library sources

  • 6 BEST sources from e-indexes and databases

  • 5 BEST web sources

  • An essay of 250-300 words with a list citations and 3 websites

    Your TH will become the research page of your website. See www.unc.edu/~tjackson/mysite.htm for an example.

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

Start your th l.jpg
Start your TH

  • Pick a topic that interests you. This will be the subject of your TH. See the sample list of “bad” and “good” topics

  • Keep your subject narrow – but not so tight that you won’t find materials in your research.

  • Identify the keywords you’ll use in your online search.

  • Find Web pages about your topic.You are looking for the BEST web sites.

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1

For the next lab l.jpg
For the next lab

  • Read Search Tips For UNC Library

  • Read Library Research Quiz

JOMC 050 Lab Notes 1