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The life of kubitschek
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Juscelino kubitschek de Oliveira was borni in Diamantina, September 12,1902 and died in Resende,22 August 1976. His father , Joao C esar de Oliveira was a traveling salesman and his mother , Julia Kubitschek, was a teacher. The life of Kubitschek.

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The life of Kubitschek

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The life of kubitschek

Juscelino kubitschek de Oliveira wasborni in Diamantina, September 12,1902 anddied in Resende,22 August 1976. Hisfather, Joao Cesar de Oliveira was a travelingsalesmanandhismother , Julia Kubitschek, was a teacher.

Thelifeof Kubitschek

Jk married with sara gomes lemos in 1931 was a doctor soldier and politician in brazil

Jkmarriedwith Sara Gomes Lemos, in 1931. Was a doctor, soldierandpolitician in Brazil.

Executive positions


  • He wasMayorof Belo Horizonte to 19 October 1940 to October 30,1945, appointedbythegovernorof Minas Gerais Benedito Valadares.

The life of kubitschek

He wasgovernorof Minas Gerais, fromJanuary 31, 1951 to march 31, 1955, whenthegovernmentwent to Clovis Salgado to beable to run for president.

The life of kubitschek

He wasPresidentoftheRepublicfrom 1956 to 1961, selving a singletermof os years. Couldbegin a processofrapidindustrialization, withtheflagship auto industry.Therewas, in rule is remembered as ‘TheGoldenYears’.

The democratic coexistence


  • Kubitschek’sgovernmentused a nationaldevelopmentplatform, theTargetPlan, launched in 1956 andallowedtheopeningoftheBrazilianeconomy to foreign capital.Exemptedfromimport taxes machineryandequipment, as well as releasedtheentryofforeign capital in riskyinvestiments , sinceassociatedwiththenational capital ‘Capital partner’ . To expandthedomesticmarket, thepalnoffered a generouspolicyofconsumercredit.

The life of kubitschek

Jkpromotedtheimplementationoftheautomotiveindustrywiththecomingofautomobileplants in Brazil, promotedtheShipbuildingindustry, theexpansionofheavyindustry , theconstructionoflargeatellmillsandpowerplants.

Construction of brasilian


TheconstructionofBrasiliawasundoubtedlyoneofthemostremarkableofBrazilianhistoryandpoliticsof JK in his 5-yearsterm as president, oneofthegreatest works oftwentiethcentury.



  • He diedon August 22.1976 in na automobile crash in whichhealsolosthislifehisdriverandfriend Geraldo Ribeiro in theold 165 km (23) atthe time the city Rio of Resende, in whickthevehiclewherehewasviolentlycollidedwith a truckloadedwithplaster.

The life of kubitschek

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