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Presentation to IPAC National Annual Conference Guardians of our Communities: Local to Global - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation to IPAC National Annual Conference Guardians of our Communities: Local to Global Community Finance = Money serving people Lise Veilleux Ottawa, August 2010. Presentation. DESJARDINS & DID (Development International Desjardins) Burkina Faso Economy

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Presentation to

IPAC National Annual Conference

Guardians of our Communities: Local to Global

Community Finance = Money serving people

Lise Veilleux

Ottawa, August 2010


  • DESJARDINS & DID (Development International Desjardins)

  • Burkina Faso Economy

  • Microfinance sector in the economy of Burkina Faso

  • Lessons learned :

    • Accessibility,

    • Local assets (Ownership institution for a long term vision)

    • Savings: Driving force, trust in ourselves

    • Loans : Shift for empowerment by Group or Individual Loans

    • Specialized loans

    • Others services

    • Computerization

  • Conclusion

The working class continues to endure the

harshest working conditions. (…) Women

are forced to work in order to add to family income, and it is not rare

to see children also contribute. In general, people work ten hours a

day, six days a week. (…) Since government social measures are

almost non-existent, people can only find help through charity or

family solidarity.

  • Description of life in Québec in the 1890s

  • (Desjardins, 100 years of History)

    • Alphonse Desjardins recognized as the father of the North

    • American savings and credit cooperative movement.

    • 1900 Opening of the first caisse populairein Lévis, and after

    • 136 in Québec - 18 in Ontario- 9 in the U.S.

    Desjardins mission
    Desjardins Mission

    To contribute to the well-being of individuals and the economic and social development of their communities within the compatible limits of its field of activity by:

    • developing an integrated cooperative network of sound and profitable financial services, owned and administered by members, and a competitive, member-controlled network of complementary financial companies

    • teaching democracy, economics, solidarity and individual and collective responsibility, especially to members, officers and employees.

    Évolution Of Desjardins Network (Cooperatives, Members and Assets))

    7 000


    6 000


    1 372

    1 329

    1 293

    1 227

    5 000


    Cumulative Assets

    1 077




    Assets en millions (CAN$)

    4 000

    Number of members


    No Members

    3 000




    2 000



    1 000



















    • 5.8 million members(78%population)

    • 1600 points of service

    • Assets worth $163 billion

    • 42,000 employees

    • 6,300 board members

    • Network of subsidiaries associated with the network and owned by the cooperatives

    • The largest integrated cooperative financial group in Canada, offering a complete range of financial products and services to individuals and enterprises.

    • The remainder of the market is divided among the 6 largest Canadian banks and new competitors.

    As of December 31, 2009

    40 years of experience did is active on four continents
    40 years of experience DID is active on four continents


    ReinforceGovernanceCapacity of APIM-BF

    « Le fleuve fait des détours parce que personne ne lui montre le chemin. »

    Proverbe gabonais

    « The river makes turnings because nobody shows the way to go . »

    Gabon Proverb

    Burkina Faso

    • One of the poorest countries in the world

    • Pop: 16 million

    • GDP /capita 1200$

    • 77% Unemployment

    Numbers of clients

    Microfinance en Burkina Faso

    Numbers of institutions

    Numbers of clients



    1 accessibility first step a solution to an ever present need
    1- Accessibility: First StepA solution to an ever present need:

    In developing countries


    of the population do not have access to financial services.

    • Access to financial services is a powerful tool for development.

    • Studies show a direct correlation between mobilizing local savings and economic development.

    • All economy needs Money$, Workers & Dynamism

    2- Local Assets:

    Long term vision

    • Create in 1975

    • Network: 135 coop, 5 unions, 1 fed

    • 1.4 million members and clients (9% of the population)

    • 873 employees (70% women)

    • 1,590 directors (29% women)

    • Assets worth over CAN $183 million

    • CAN $132 million in savings deposits

    • CAN $121 million in loans

    • Average loan of CAN $717

    • Average saving of CAN $ 94

    3- Savings

    Access and also include educate to financial services empowers individuals enabling them to take control of their own development.

    This makes it a true springboard to autonomy.

    4- Group loansWomen constitute a large share of those excluded .They represent great potential for the creation of self-sustaining jobs. Example

    4- Individuals loans

    Individualsbreak out of fragile circumstances and begin to build assets and their own work and incomes

    5- Specialized Loans

    Micro, Small and Medium entrepreneurs.

    • Creation of CFE (Financial Entrepreneurs Center) Managing and/ or operating

    • The business model proposed stands out on the market by its emphasis on the transfer of competencies and ownership.

    5- Agricultural Loans

    For 1.1 billion people that are living in extreme poverty, economic growth based primarily on agriculture and on non-farm rural activities is essential to improve their livelihoods.

    Important understand the level of agricultural production in the zone served are developed before establishing the loans conditions. (Highest knowledge = Less risk)

    5 housing loans
    5- HousingLoans

    Familiesare able to:

    • build up small savings

    • obtain housing loans corresponding to their needs

    • improve their living conditions.

    5 housing loans impacts
    5- HousingLoansImpacts:

    • Reduce poverty

    • Give more security and stability to the

      family (sickness, die, unemployment

    • Reduce vulnerability against :

      inflation, crisis, exchange rate

    • Higher social status and solidarity

    • Focus in a better administration

    • Create an indirect pension plan

    • The future generation will be less poor

    6- Specialized Services

    Life and invalidity insurance

    Savings in relation with

    Scholarship loans

    7- Computerization

    • Necessity +High Volume of

    • transactions + Average

    • amount of saving and loans

    • Increased productivity

    • Reduced operational risks

    • Improved credibility

    « Ce que tu ne dis pas parle tellement que je ne comprends pas ce que tu dis. »


    “What you do not say speaks so much that I do not understand what you say. »


    Microfinance Place !

    Wecan do a lot more ?

    Conclusion and Our Convictions pas ce que tu dis. »

    • Access to financial services is a necessary condition for the development of individuals and communities.

    • Finance can be a powerful tool for empowerment for people who are excluded from the classic financial system.

    • Locally-owned community finance institutions provide essential leverage

    • Community finance growth strategies must make it possible to develop local assets.

    • Developing community assets: a springboard towards autonomy

    « L’action sans vision n’est que perte de temps. pas ce que tu dis. »

    La vision sans action n’est que rêverie. » 


    “The action without vision is only waste of time. The vision without action is only daydream. »