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Permanent address: Piossasco , Torino (Italy) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Particulars. Name: Carlo Borgiattino Date of birth: 15 March 1985. Permanent address: Piossasco , Torino (Italy) I got my master degree in Communication Engineering in 2011 from Politecnico di Torino.

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Permanent address: Piossasco , Torino (Italy)

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Permanent address piossasco torino italy


Name: Carlo Borgiattino

Date of birth: 15 March 1985

Permanent address: Piossasco, Torino (Italy)

I got my master degree in Communication Engineering in 2011 from Politecnicodi Torino.

In the past year, I worked as a research assistant of Telecommunication Networks at the Politecnicodi Torino.

My interests focus on wireless ad-hoc mesh and vehicular networks.

Permanent address piossasco torino italy

Master thesis

Title: Multifrequency Vehicle-Infrastructure communication

Advisors: Claudio Casetti, Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini


Evaluating the advantages given by the use of non conventional low-frequency bands in vehicular communication

In particular:

  • Implement a new signalling protocol for content dowloading in VANETs;

  • Test the protocol behaviour and performance;

  • Compare the multifrequency communication to the single frequency one.

Permanent address piossasco torino italy

Use of non conventional low-frequency band


Spectrum: UHF, in particularbelow 1 GHz.


  • Wide area coverage

  • Remote monitoring

  • Vehicularcommunication

Multifrequency vehicle-infrastructure communication

Protocol overwiev


  • Goal

  • content downloading service

  • safety information

  • Network components:

  • Central Controller (CC)

  • Road Side Unit (RSU)

  • Vehicles



Scenario:VANETsexperimental test

The villa gualino testbed

The Villa Gualinotestbed




5 GHz network


APs and vehiclecommunicate at



The equipment

The equipment

The roadside unit

The moving vehicle

Current future work

Current & Future Work

  • Test with a real 700 MHz channel in Val di Viù(TO) [1];

  • Creating a RSSI mapof the accesspointcoverage in the database of the CC;

  • Modelvehicular network usingqueueingtheory.


[1] C.Borgiattino, C. Casetti, C.-F. Chiasserini, N. Di Maio, A. Ghittino, M. Reineri

Experiences with UHF Bands for Content Downloading in Vehicular Networks,

Workshop on …., WCNC 2012, Paris, France, April 2012.

Permanent address piossasco torino italy

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