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IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER. BE AWARE OF THE BEAR. PLAYING WITH DOLLS. LOSING YOUR HEAD. WORDY-WORTH. $100. $100. $100. $100. $100. $200. $200. $200. $200. $200. $300. $300. $300. $300. $300. $400. $400. $400. $400. $400. $500. $500. $500. $500. $500.

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This country is where The Stranger is set.

What is Algeria?

This substance is something Mersault likes in his coffee, and why he accepts an offer of a cup.

What is milk?

This philosophy holds that life has no meaning…that is of course, unless you give it one.

What is Existentialism?

This is where Mersault comes to understand how he has been living his life.

What is jail?

This is represented by the heat in The Stranger.

What is societal pressure?

He is Ike’s mentor in “The Bear.”

Who is Sam Fathers?

Ike’s father reads from this poem, in hope of helping him understand what happened in the forest.

What is “Ode on a Grecian Urn”?

He is the author of “The Bear”. He also really likes long sentences.

Who is William Faulkner?

This object serves as a symbol for man’s labeling of time.

What is Ike’s watch?

To Ike, this ends up being more important than shooting the bear.

What is the anticipation (or, the hunt)?

He is the author of A Doll’s House and Ghosts, among other plays.

Who is Henrick Ibsen?

This character really isn’t a bad guy…just make sure to read past Act I.

Who is Nils Krogstad?

In the play, this institution is criticized for not taking morality into consideration.

What is the law?

This delicious item represents the secrets in the Helmer household.

What is a macaroon?

Nora’s purchase of this item helps highlight her relationship with her father and Torvald.

What is a doll?

The story of Sir Gawain begins in this mythical kingdom.

What is Camelot?

This is the name for the two syllable line that joins the first part of a stanza in Sir Gawain to the closing quatrain.

What is a “bob”?

This animal represents Gawain’s performance in the third temptation scene in the castle.

What is a fox?

This represents Gawain’s five sets of five virtues.

What is the pentangle?

This is language in which Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was originally written.

What is the Northwest Midlands dialect of Middle English?

William Wordsworth was afraid that he had lost this.

What is the “celestial light”?

This literary term refers to images of the countryside, often featuring shepherds.

What is pastoral imagery?

He is Wordsworth’s “actor” and “Mighty Prophet.”

Who is a child?

This foster mother does her best to help us forget heaven.

What is Nature?

This noted author called William Wordsworth “an incomprehensible blockhead.”

Who is George Gordon, Lord Byron?

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