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Nebraska. By Dylan. Symbols. Why Someone Would Go To My State. History. Landmarks. Menu. See If You Know Your Facts. Sources. Famous People. Symbols. State Flag. State Tree. State Flower. State Bird. History.

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By Dylan


Why Someone Would Go To My State




See If You Know Your Facts


Famous People


State Flag

State Tree

State Flower

State Bird


In 1541 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led explorer from Spain to claim land. Which is now Nebraska.

Napoleon Bonaparte sold Louisiana territory which includes Nebraska to the United States. It was called the Louisiana Purchase.

Famous People

Robert Taylor was a actor. Some of his films were “Quo Vedas” and “Magnificent Obsession”

Fred Astaire was a actor, and dancer. Some of his films were “Top Hat” and “Holiday Inn”.


Buffalo Bills in North Platte

Toadstool park in Crawford

Chimney Rock in Bayard

Boy’s town hall in Omaha

Fun Facts

Before humans, pigs were half the size of elephants.

Archaeologists estimate that the prehistoric people at least 11,000 years ago.

Why Someone Would Go To My State

Great Places To Visit

Cool Symbols

Famous People

Who is a dancer and actor of my state?

A) Joe Shum

D) Elvis Presley

C) Fred Astaire

B) George Washington


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