Original poetry by eighth grade students
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Original Poetry By Eighth Grade Students PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Original Poetry By Eighth Grade Students . Mrs. Hughes’s Language Arts Classes. Couplets. A couplet is a pair of lines in verse, usually rhymed and of the same meter. The last word of each line should rhyme. Rhyme scheme: A A B B. One stanza of a couplet.

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Original Poetry By Eighth Grade Students

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Original Poetry By Eighth Grade Students

Mrs. Hughes’s Language Arts Classes


A couplet is a pair of lines in verse, usually rhymed and of the same meter. The last word of each line should rhyme.

Rhyme scheme:





One stanza of a couplet

Student Examples

There’s no place like home

Except for at the park eating an ice cream cone.

By Hannah Leaird

What’s the opposite of hair?

Touching your bald head when nothing is there.

By Katelyn King


Couplets by Antonio Lambert


Little, petite, low, and small

I have to jump to sit on a stall.

Opposite poem

What is the opposite of cool?

To lay in a spot where someone has drooled.

More Couplets

I caught a catfish in the bay

While I was fishing yesterday.

By Austin Grimes

If something goes boom,

Will smoke soon plume?

By Zachary Richardson

If I cry,

will he die?

By Christin Cunningham


Still More Couplets

The opposite of sisters

Is brothers, which are misters.

By Megan Cates

Cold, scaly, slick and thin

At night the snakes come out again.

By William Chestnut

Grown, glamorous, gorgeous, boss

Most girls love sweet lip gloss.

By Janae Rodgers


Cheering, athletic, fast

They think you will run out of gas.

By Lauren Cardwell

If birds fly,

do penguins sigh?

By Brooke Newman


A quatrain poem or stanza is four lines long.

It is used in more rhymed poetry than any other form.

Some common rhyme schemes are





A Quatrain about Quatrains

Mother Goose and other fine rhymes

Are often written in just four lines.

Rhyme schemes start with A then B

In stanza one, you won’t get to D.

By Mrs. Hughes


Candle, candle burning bright

Lighting my way on a dark, dark night.

Oh, no I just fell

All the way down the dark, dark well.

By Zachary Richardson


Oh how I wish it was summer

This winter is such a bummer

It seems like every day it rains

My energy is drains.

By Cayla Wilkinson


Rose, rose glowing in the night.

How do you glow so bright?

Pedals glowing, falling slowly

On a cold, dark night.

By LaDarris Marshall


Water, water in the night

It sparkles with the moon light

When the sun rises

We are appointed to new surprises.

By Christin Cunningham


Music’s in my blood

I feel it runnin’ in every vein.

It relieves my body of stress

And all of the pain.

By Darryl Ware


Lovely in the trees

How is it you sing?

When the air is empty of even the bees

Void of anything?

By Haley Norman


Some are very scary

Some are very hairy

Some have silly faces

Some have flat bases.

By Cheylsea Byrd


Music soothes the savage beast

For the ears it is a feast

It helps while getting homework done

Which is the task I like the least.

By Drew Corley


Snow! Snow! Falling low

In the moon light night

Such a wonderful sight

Snow! Snow! Come and go.

By Shelby Shorrock


You know not what you say

And mean not what you do

I dislike you either way

You will never see the truth.

I may not be perfect

But you are far behind

How can such judgmental stares

Come from someone so blind?

By William Chestnut

Haiku Poetry

  • The haiku is a three-line Japanese verse form.

  • The first and third lines have five syllables.

  • The second line has seven syllables.

  • The topic is often a season or a scene from nature.

Haiku format to teach haiku

Japanese verse form.

Three lines of five, seven, five.

Snapshot of nature.

By Mrs. Hughes

Student Haiku Examples

The chameleon rests

Beneath a cherry blossom

Silent and in peace.

By Constance Maddox

By Constance Maddox


Rain drops on my house

It sings music to my ears.

Pitter patter sounds.

By Makagan Griffin


The blue rose blossoms

On a cold winter evening

Stars shining above

By Darian King


Rain from the sky line

Water dropping to the earth

Like a tear it pours.

By Janae Rodgers


  • A humorous, rhyming, five-line poem with a specific rhyme meter and rhyme scheme:






A limerick to explain limerick

There once was a poem called Limerick

To write one was not such a hard trick.

Just think of five lines

And be sure to rhyme

You’ll be done in a split if your mind’s quick.

By Mrs. Hughes

Student Limericks

A blacksmith from Kingdom fell ill

He coughed and he wheezed like a drill.

But once he rested,

No one out bested.

The blacksmith from Kingdom not ill.

By Constance Maddox

There once was a man from Saraland

All the while, he hoped for some land.

So, he grew some trees

And planted some seeds.

That man from Saraland.

By Wyatt Morgan

There once was a duck from Duckville

All the while he hoped he’d get ill

So he got a cold

Then he turned bold

That strange duck from Duckville.

By Alex Ruiz

There once was a girl from New York

All the while she hoped for a fork

So she brought a spoon

But she was a goon

That spoon fork goon from New York!

By Jaiyana Trotter

There was a small bird that I found

That made an unusual sound

Was but three inches tall

Wore the colors of fall

And it’s body was perfectly round.

By William Chestnut

One time I met a computer

He said he was a good tutor.

I asked him for help.

He started to yelp.

So I ran away on my scooter.

By Makagan Griffin

There once was a girl names Bre

And people wished they could be me

So take some advice

That would be very nice,

But they just couldn’t be me.

By Bre Price

There was a fat shark in the sea

Who thought he was slick as could be.

For food he did look

But wound up on a hook.

Now a nice pair of boots is he!

By Drew Corley

Concrete Poems

By Megan Cates

By Wyatt Morgan

By Bubba Charles Pettaway

Spartan Cinquain Poem

By Cheylsea Byrd

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