Who Is Civil Air Patrol?
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Who Is Civil Air Patrol?. Presented by: Presenter’s name Presenter’s Squadron. History. Missions for America for over 65 years. 1941: CAP Established Dec 1 st 1943: Transferred to War Department 1946: Incorporated (PL 476) 1948: Auxiliary of the United States

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Who Is Civil Air Patrol?

Presented by:

Presenter’s name

Presenter’s Squadron


Missions for America for over 65 years

1941: CAP Established Dec 1st

1943: Transferred to War Department

1946: Incorporated (PL 476)

1948: Auxiliary of the United States

Air Force (PL 557)

CAP is a federally chartered nonprofit corporation.

CAP is also the official Auxiliary of the Air Force.

First National Board Chairman: Gen “Tooey” Spaatz

To Serve America

… by performing Homeland Security and humanitarian missions for our communities, states, and nation,

… by developing our country’s youth, and educating our citizens on the importance of air and space power.



Homeland Security


Humanitarian Services

AFROTC Flights

Emergency Services


Physical Fitness


CAP School Program

Cadet Programs

CAP Members

AE Members

General Public

Aerospace Education

Organizational Structure

Headquarters, Air Education and Training Command

Board ofGovernors


Headquarters,Air University

CAP National Headquarters


National CommanderNEC / National Board

CAP Regions

LiaisonRegion Offices

CAP Wings

State Directors

CAP Groups

CAP Squadrons

CAP Regions

Rocky Mt.


North Central


Great Lakes






Middle East







(Maxwell AFB, Ala.)

CAP Presence

CAP Units

= One Unit

Overseas Units

3 - Japan

2 - Germany

FY 06 Budget

  • Appropriated

  • - $31,109,000

    • - Operations & Maintenance $24,288,000

      • - Aircraft $ 6,000,000

      • - Vehicle $ 821,000

  • Corporate

    • - $2,058,753

  • State Support

  • - $3,174,491

530 Aircraft

990 Vehicles

4,500 Fixed Land Radios

CAP Resources

55,717 Members

33,674 Officers

22,043 Cadets


Mobile Radios

Total Flying Hours FY 05

Accident Rate Saves

FY 04 5.23 64

FY 05 2.84 73

Aircraft Procurement

Cessna 182

  • Garmin G-1000 glass cockpit

  • 51

  • 50 factory trained CAP instructor pilots

    Gippsland GA-8

  • ARCHER platform

  • 13 in the field

    • 3 more awaiting assignment

Centralized coordination center, not centralized tasking

C2 – Coordinate and Communicate

Obtain USAF approval

AF Assigned & CAP Corporate Missions

Homeland Security


Disaster Relief

Coordinate additional resources from other wings

Consolidate and up-channel mission reports

National Operations Center



Satellite Digital Imaging System

  • Status

    • 58 in service now

    • 80 by end of FY 06


      Airborne Real-time Cueing Hyperspectral Enhanced Recon

  • Status

    • 4 systems accepted

    • 17 total by Summer 06


Visual Warning System Test

  • 1st Air Force

    • Falcon Virgo Mission

    • National Capital Region

  • Test Visual Wave-Off

    • May 16-18 2005

      • 3 sorties

  • Results

    • All flights safely accomplished

    • Identified improvements needed

151 hours flown in FY 05 in 1st AF’s National Capital Region for a cost of less than $9,200!

Post 9/11

CAP was first nonmilitary flight allowed following the attack!


  • NORTHCOM Support

  • Determined Promise ’04

  • TOPOFF 3/Ardent Sentry ’05

  • Eagle Rescue Exercise ‘06

  • Ardent Sentry ‘06

  • FEMA Heartland Response ’04

    - New Madrid Fault Exercise




Hurricane Support

  • Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ophelia and Wilma

    • 1,048 Air Sorties

    • 2,023 Flight Hours

    • 131 Ground Team Missions

Critical infrastructures

Restricted or sensitive areas


Additional Support

Aerospace Education


  • 1,623 Aerospace Education Members (AEMs)

    • Reaching nearly 50,000 youth

  • National Conference on Aviation and Space Education

    • Washington, DC, Oct 19-22


    • Dozens of free aviation & space materials

    • Meets national standards

    • New ISS thematic unit

    • Journey of Flight textbook

    • Curriculum sharing with AFJROTC


Cadet Activities

7 National Flight Academies

  • 5 powered, 2 glider

    15 Aerospace Career Courses

  • 8 Air Force, 7 Civil Aerospace

    16 Leadership Activities

    National Cadet Competition

  • 168 cadets, Udvar-Hazy Center

    Cadet Orientation Flights

  • Over 10,000 cadets flown

    Region & Wing Summer Encampments

  • Over 6,000 cadets

  • In 42 locations

Career Exploration

Careers---USAF Familiarization Courses

  • AETC: Laughlin & Columbus AFBs

  • Space Command: Patrick, Peterson, & Vandenberg AFBs

  • Weather Agency: Offutt AFB

  • Pararescue: Kirtland AFB

    Careers--- Civil Sector

  • Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing

    (With Cessna at Assembly Plant)

  • Aerospace Education Academy

  • Engineering Technology Academy (2)

    (With Auburn and Wright State Universities)

  • Advanced Technology Academy (2)

  • Airline Industry Academy (New Partnership with Frontier Airlines)

Advanced Citizenship

Civic Leadership Academy

  • February 26 – March 5, 2005

  • 24 Cadets

    • Studied federal government

    • Explored careers in public service

  • February 25- March 4, 2006

    OAS Cadet Delegates

  • June 3 – 7, 2005

  • 2 Cadets

    • Experience international affairs

    • Met world leaders

      International Air Cadet Exchange-- Annually

  • 530 total, 80 US, 14 nations

Cadet Training Pays Off!

Capt Nicole Malachowski, USAF

  • Former CAP cadet

  • Former USAF Academy cadet glider and instructor pilot

  • First female pilot in the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds

Capt Kim Campbell, USAF

  • Former CAP cadet

  • Former USAF Academy cadet wing commander

  • Safely lands heavily damaged A-10 after sustaining hostile fire over Iraq


Department of State



Aviation Week

Aerospace Education Foundation

Aerospace Industries Association

Auburn University

Dowling College

Wright State University

Experimental Aircraft Association

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

Order of Daedalians

Soaring Society of America

Congressional Award Foundation

Challenger Center

Sally Ride Science Festivals

And more!

CAP Chaplains

  • Same appointment requirements as AF

  • Provides CAP character development leadership

  • Assist Air Force Chaplain Service

Chaplain Force Multiplier

A Partnership in Ministries

  • CAP Chaplains

    • Currently supports 19 military installations, including 13 AF bases

    • Chief of Chaplains attended NORAD conference April 2006

    • Also working to provide Navy and Marine support



Public Outreach

Media Spotlight

  • Featured on: CNN’s weeklong HLS special, “Defending America”; History Channel’s “Tactical to Practical” (2.1 million viewers); “Pulse on America” video aired 63 times on CNN & CNN Headline News

  • Two PSAs aired on Discovery Networks

  • Aviation Week cover photo & feature story on CAP’s HLS initiatives & glass-cockpit equipped Cessna 182s

  • Features on CAP appeared in Skywatch, Western Air Defense Sector’s magazine, and in American Defender, 1st Air Force’s magazine

  • Publicity campaigns included CAP’s hurricane disaster relief, which was featured on CNN, MSNBC, National Public Radio and other media

Public Outreach


  • CAP --“Online News”-- 826 stories 1.2 million page hits

  • 300,000 downloaded videos

  • 21,000 viewers of live stream events


  • Civil Air Patrol Volunteer

  • PAO Toolkit issued to every unit nationwide


  • American Society of Association Executive’s

    2006 Summit Award winner

  • 2006 Air Force Association’s Jimmy Doolittle Fellow Award

Find a squadron close to you! Go to www.cap.gov/joinor talk to your presenter today!

Visit the meetings. You may visit more than one squadron. When you find the right squadron for you, request an application and a fingerprint card.

Mail completed application, fingerprint card and check for dues to National Headquarters.

Complete applications processed within 24 hours of receipt!

How Can I Join?

Will my child be obligated to join the military? No, CAP is the civilian auxiliary of the USAF and supports the Air Force through non-combat missions. No one in CAP is ever deployed or obligated to join the military.

Will I have to wear a uniform? Cadets must wear the blue Air Force style uniform. Officers may choose to wear any of the CAP authorized uniforms. There is no obligation to wear a uniform unless the member flies in a CAP aircraft or participates in a mission.

What is the time commitment? You do get out of CAP what you put into it. Most squadrons meet once a week; however, there are activities, training exercises and missions that enhance your experience with CAP. The more involved you are, the more you will enjoy your CAP membership!

Common Questions

Work with cadets

Manage squadron finances (Finance Officer)

Ensure squadron meets all requirements (Admin Officer)

Observer, Scanner or Ground Team Leader


How Can YOU Help?

  • Legal Officer

  • Aerospace Education

  • Logistics

  • Communications (high frequency radio operators)

  • Public Affairs

  • Recruiter

Squadron Commander

Capt Chuck Tetlow


[email protected]

2nd/ 4th Thursday Nights

7 PM

Brooks City Base

Bexar Squadron Senior Squadron

Civil Air Patrol

… performing missions for America!