Career services alana hefner med lpc assistant director
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Career Services Alana Hefner, MEd., LPC Assistant Director. My Plan. Personality Assessment. Where do you get your emotional energy? Introvert- self Extrovert- others. How do you gather information? Sensor- gather facts Intuitive- “gut feeling”. How do you make decisions? Thinker

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Career services alana hefner med lpc assistant director

Career Services

Alana Hefner, MEd., LPC

Assistant Director

My Plan

Personality assessment
Personality Assessment

  • Where do you get your emotional energy?

    • Introvert- self

    • Extrovert- others

Interest inventory
Interest Inventory

  • Realistic- practical, hands on work, do not like paperwork (prefer animals, tools, machinery)

  • Investigative- search for facts and answers, prefer to mentally solve a problem

  • Artistic- prefer to design patterns, no clear cut rules

  • Social- prefer work that promotes learning & personal development, communicating with others is a plus, dislike working with data and machines

  • Enterprising- starting and completing projects, persuasive, taking risks for profit, prefer action over thought

  • Conventional- follow procedure & routines, prefer data and detail over ideas, need clear lines of authority

Work clusters work values
Work Clusters- Work Values

  • What motivates you at work?

    • Underlying motivators that predict job satisfaction

  • Support- company stands begins workers; comfortable with management style

  • Relationships- need friendly co-workers, sense of helping others, do not compromise morals

  • Recognition- advancement, prestige, leadership position

  • Achievement- see results immediately, need to feel strong feeling of accomplishment\

  • Independence- freedom to work within boundaries

  • Working Conditions- pay, job security, work style (alone or with others, many different things to do)

Skills profiler report
Skills Profiler Report

  • Self adjusting skills


  • Culmination of each answer to each question

  • Based on your answers, jobs that would provide the most satisfaction

  • Now what?

Want to know more
Want to know more?

  • Call and make an appointment for one on one career counseling

  • TSC, 218, Career Services

  • 254-968-9078