Introducing naf tech combustion enhancer
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Introducing Naf-Tech Combustion Enhancer. Dr. Jan Reynhardt COO. Outline. GRNQ: Who we are ? Carbon footprint reduction Energy efficiency improvements Naf - tech Rehabilitation Solutions Green Technology Development A Culture of Partnering. GRNQ: Who we are ?.

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Introducing naf tech combustion enhancer

Introducing Naf-Tech Combustion Enhancer

Dr. Jan Reynhardt



  • GRNQ: Who we are?

  • Carbon footprint reduction

    • Energy efficiency improvements

      • Naf-tech

  • Rehabilitation Solutions

  • Green Technology Development

  • A Culture of Partnering

Grnq who we are
GRNQ: Who we are?

  • Startup that focus on delivering solutions that:

    • Reduce the carbon footprint and

    • Increase the profitability of our customers

  • Customer specific research to find applicable technology for that customer

  • We embrace the philosophy that no GRNQ Technology is viable without being Profitable

  • Highly qualified executives with Operations, Research and Development in Oil and Gas and Mining industry

Carbon footprint reduction naf tech
Carbon footprint reduction: naf-tech

  • Inefficient combustion causes:

    • High fuel consumption,

    • Excessive unburned fuel vapors in the atmosphere,

    • Carbon deposits in engine oil and

    • Engine wear

  • This leads to unnecessary costs due to:

    • Direct fuel costs

    • Increased maintenance costs

The technology
The Technology

  • Chemical kinetics is dominated by probability for interaction between reacting entities

    • Concentration, Pressure, Heat (increased kinetic energy), Surface area

  • Combustion is the chemical reaction between oxygen and fuel

    • Combustion is controlled by the contact between the fuel and oxygen

    • Thus higher pressure, temperature, and smaller droplets

    • Most fuels have high surface tension and vaporizes with difficulty

    • Diesel specifically is classified as non-volatile

  • The solution:

    • Increase contact between fuel and oxygen by:

    • Increasing vaporization of fuel by reducing the surface tension of the fuel

The technology1
The Technology

Smaller droplets

Better Vaporization

Better Combustion

The results
The Results

  • Improved Combustion Efficiency

  • Improved thermal efficiency on all engines

  • Improved horse power

  • Cooler running engines

  • Drastically improved fuel usage

  • Significantly reduced emissions

  • Prolonged engine life

  • Reduced engine wear

  • Reduced formation of sludge in engine oil

The results1
The Results

  • During 2009 and 2010 Naf-Tech Energy (in partnership with MTN, Diesel Electric and the CSIR) embarked on extensive benchmark scientific testing, using the Naf-Tech product under controlled conditions to determine the benefits of the product

  • The results of the DIESEL ELECTRIC SERVICES formal tests proved an average fuel saving of 21,43%

  • Further tests also proved:

    • Cooler engine temperatures at 100% load

    • Cooler exhaust temperatures at 100% load

    • Substantially reduced soot and odor in emissions

    • Reduced servicing, cleaning and replacement of injector nozzles

    • Reduced pollution and visible smoke emissions into the atmosphere

    • Cooler running engines

    • Smoother running engines

Benefits for the customer
Benefits for the customer

  • Reduced cost (based on 1m I diesel)

Benefits for the customer1
Benefits for the customer

  • Reduced cost (based on 1m I diesel)

Benefits for the customer2
Benefits for the customer

  • Reduction in carbon footprint

    • Improved company reputation

    • Part of sustainability efforts

  • Secondary revenue generation

    • Trading of carbon credits

Going forward
Going Forward

  • The Process:

    • Agree on testing protocol

    • Technical Field Trial in conjunction with Technical Personnel

    • Technical review with Management

    • Commercial discussions

  • The Promise:

    • Open access for all parties to all technical information

    • 24 hour access to GRNQ management

    • Win-Win commercial discussions

Rehabilitation solutions
Rehabilitation Solutions

  • Technology solution development to reduce liability

    • Coal briquetting/usage of coal slurry

    • Research into other rehabilitation (waste reduction) solutions

Green technology development
Green technology development

  • Partnering with air emissions reduction technology developers

    • Applications in power generation, cement, mining etc.

  • Recyclable lubrication development

  • R&D programs using Naf-Tech

A culture of partnering
A culture of Partnering

  • We look for opportunities to partner both on technology development and marketing of our Solutions

  • We negotiate mutually beneficial relationships for all involved

  • Ultimate goal of partnering is for everyone to “profit, responsibly”


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