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Puritans. Puritans. Puritans are harassed by King Charles and the Church and flee England in 1630 They wanted to “purify” the Church of it’s Catholic practices Receive a royal charter to settle in New England and are a joint-stock company

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  • Puritans are harassed by King Charles and the Church and flee England in 1630

  • They wanted to “purify” the Church of it’s Catholic practices

  • Receive a royal charter to settle in New England and are a joint-stock company

  • Are well prepared for any problem and do not suffer any hardships like the “Starving Time”

Puritan devotion
Puritan Devotion

  • Puritans have been portrayed as uptight Protestants but in actuality were:

    • devoted to their God but they should not get lost in life’s pleasures (they enjoyed good food, drink, had sex with their spouse, music but in moderation)

    • They took every aspect of life seriously and gave great effort to whatever task they faced

    • Strongly believed that they had a covenant with God, if they followed it then they were saved if not then they would face God’s fiery wrath

A bad rap for puritan devotion
A Bad Rap for Puritan Devotion?

  • Puritans strongly supported the idea that church and government should work together to promote spiritual holiness and material success

  • Puritans had the opportunity to create their own society, so why not fulfill their covenant with God by using government

A better start
A Better Start

  • Unlike Jamestown the Massachusetts Bay Colony was not located near swamps and had a cooler climate

  • It also had a large clean water supply

  • There was an absence of mosquitoes that carry malaria

The puritan plan for success
The Puritan Plan for Success

  • Puritans learned from the mistakes made by Jamestown colonists but supplies spoil

  • Most are families that come, but half die on trip or are scared by the sight of wilderness

  • Puritans agreed to live in an orderly society, male members signed an agreement called a covenant

The pilgrims arrive
The Pilgrims Arrive

  • The Pilgrims (separatists) are escaping religious persecution under King James I. Pilgrims want to separate from the Church of England.

  • Arrive in 1620 they land outside of the charter’s grant and must form their own governing body

  • The Mayflower Compact, 1620, was the 1st example of self-rule in colonies. It was written for the good of all community members and supported idea of majority rule.

Pilgrim leadership
Pilgrim Leadership

  • William Bradford, 1st governor of Plymouth proclaims Indians are “savage and brutish men”

  • Miles Standish, a soldier will attack enemies of Wampanoag and placed Indian heads on pikes

  • Pilgrims begin to live on Indian lands and live in Indian homes left empty because of diseases and warfare

Early troubles
Early Troubles

  • Pilgrims go through their own ‘Starving Time” minus cannibalism

  • Indians will help them learn about planting crops under the condition that Pilgrims protect them from their enemies

  • This is why there is a famous first Thanksgiving in the fall of 1621

City upon a hill
“City Upon a Hill”

  • Sermon by John Winthrop that inspired Puritan colonists with a sense of “holy duty”

  • Puritans would be a model of a perfect Protestant community for all the world to see

Political development of massachusetts bay colony
Political Development of Massachusetts Bay Colony

  • The Puritans hold town meetings were men meet to make laws and discussed community issues

  • Only male church members could vote on issues and elect their representatives

  • Those that can vote in local government are called “freemen”

  • With Indians they at first learn how to agricultural techniques and learn how to farm corn, beans, pumpkins, and potatoes

  • Puritans are involved in trade with Indians for items like: blankets, iron pots, metal tipped arrows and guns

  • Puritans will concentrate on raising livestock which need open fields to graze and desire Indian land