earth materials lesson 31
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Earth Materials Lesson 31

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Earth Materials Lesson 31 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Earth Materials Lesson 31. In our last lesson we learned the Earth had four materials or resources called Earth Materials. These materials are:. Rocks. Air. Soil. Water. All four of these resources or materials come from the Earth. Rocks. Air. Soil. Water.

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these materials are
These materials are:





Man made materials or resources are materials made by people. A house or a road is made by people, not made naturally by the Earth.
these materials are called natural materials or resources they are all found naturally on the earth
These materials are called natural materials orresources. They are all found naturally on the Earth.
some of earth materials are solid they are hard rocks are a good example of a solid earth material
Some of Earth Materials are solid. They are hard. Rocks are a good example of a solid earth material.
Some Earth Materials are liquid. Liquids take the shape of the container they are in. Water is an example of a liquid Earth Material.
Some Earth Materials are gases. You can not see gases. Air is an example of an Earth Material that is a gas.
Earth Materials are used for building, growing plants, providing surfaces for walking or driving, and so much more.

Let’s figure out what Earth Material each picture represents. Use your definitions in your science notebook to help you.


Air is made up of many different gases. The most important gas is oxygen. With out oxygen, people and animals would not be able to breathe.

in our next lesson we will learn about how to describe the physical properties of earth materials
In our next lesson we will learn about how to describe the physical properties of Earth Materials.