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Steps of the Public Policy Analyst (PPA)

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Steps of the Public Policy Analyst (PPA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Topic: Gang Influence in NYC Public Schools Joan Loncke Choir Academy of Harlem [email protected] Steps of the Public Policy Analyst (PPA). (1) Define the Problem. ( 2) Gather the Evidence. (3) Identify Causes. (4) Examine Existing Policies. (5) Develop Solutions.

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steps of the public policy analyst ppa
Steps of the Public Policy Analyst (PPA)

(1) Define the Problem

(2) Gather the Evidence

(3) Identify Causes

(4) Examine Existing Policies

(5) Develop Solutions

(6) Select the Best Solution

PPA Step 1 Problem: How do we stop the influence of gangs in New York City Public Schools?TASK: In your groups, complete Worksheet 1
ppa step 2 gather the evidence
PPA Step 2: Gather the Evidence
  • Research – (Citywide and Nationwide)
  • Statistics – (Citywide)
  • TASK: In your groups, complete Worksheet 2 (Credible examples are listed below to help you)
  • Data of Crime in Schools
  • Police Fight Gang Violence with Facebook
  • Latest Research about Gang Violence for Prevention
ppa step 3 identify the causes
PPA Step 3: Identify the Causes

Why do you think students join gangs?

No Strong Parental Involvement

No Money or a Desire for Material Possessions

No Team

Programs or

After School


ppa step 3 identify the causes continued
PPA Step 3: Identify the Causes (continued)

Lack of Mentoring Programs or Strong Role Models

A Need to Belong



In your groups, add these and any other causes to this list on Worksheet 3.

*Also, use this website on school security and gangs to identify more causes.

ppa step 4 evaluate an existing policy
PPA Step 4: Evaluate an Existing Policy
  • What has been done?
  • NYC Department of Education (DOE) Policy.
  • In your journals, give a brief explanation of the (DOE) policy and what do you think it should include? Do you think the (DOE) safety policy addresses gang violence in schools?
ppa step 5 develop solutions
PPA Step 5: Develop Solutions
  • More Police Presence in Schools
  • More Metal Detectors
  • Anti-crime programs on a regular basis
  • More after school programs and extra-curriculum activities
  • Role models and mentors to work with troubled kids
  • Stronger Parental Involvement
ppa step 5 develop solutions continued
PPA Step 5: Develop Solutions (continued)

In your group, create a T-chart using the causes and find solutions to the causes. Be very specific in your solutions. Connect your solutions to your causes in PPA step 3.



ppa step 6 select the best solution
PPA Step 6: Select the Best Solution

In your groups, brainstorm from PPA Step 5 and check out the video on this website. What do you think is the best solution to prevent gang influence in schools and why?