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Materials MicroWorld Progress Name Game Exhibition Elements and Status Web Site Information Sponsors Budget What’s next? Naming the Exhibition From a cast of thousands… Limited to 6 visitor tested Strong PR considerations Design Development Task Force

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Materials MicroWorld Progress

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Materials microworld progress l.jpg

Materials MicroWorld Progress

  • Name Game

  • Exhibition Elements and Status

  • Web Site Information

  • Sponsors

  • Budget

  • What’s next?

Naming the exhibition l.jpg

Naming the Exhibition

  • From a cast of thousands…

  • Limited to 6 visitor tested

  • Strong PR considerations

Design development task force l.jpg

Design Development Task Force

  • From brainstorming to implementation and development of exhibit elements

  • Goal: to assure scientific content , copy, graphics and design

  • Workshops and conference calls

Design development tf l.jpg

Design Development TF


  • July and August Workshops @OSC

  • Prototype assessment reviews

  • Concept specs reviews

  • Discussions of elements

  • Scientific content and presentation

  • Materials needs

Exhibition elements on final approved list l.jpg

Exhibition Elements (* on final approved list)

Ferrofluids Sand to Light

FoamDefects (Virtual Blacksmith)

CrystalsAmorphous Metal

Smash the Glass * Memory Metals

Touch Table * [Liquid Crystal]

Zoom! [Theming/Entrance]

Materials Evolution*

Material Science Overview Video *

Material Scientist Interview Video (5 x MSI) *

MicroWorld Theatre with hosted demo *

Slide7 l.jpg

Smaller Exhibition

Concept specifications l.jpg

Concept Specifications

  • Goal: to discuss the exhibit description, visitor interaction expected, the main goal of the element and the curriculum connections

  • DDTF approved all so far, need...

  • Ferrofluids, Crystal, MicroWorld Theatre, [Theming and Entrance]

Slide9 l.jpg

Prototype Assessments

  • Goal: to determine if an element needs to be prototyped

  • Every element is assessed, not all are prototyped

Prototype reports l.jpg

Prototype Reports

  • Goal 1: to assure that the element is robust enough to be included in the exhibition

  • Goal 2: to discover if an idea results in a valuable visitor experience with connected communication interface

  • DDTF approved all, still need both goals addressed for…

  • Materials Cave, Sand to Light, MicroWorld Theatre, [Theming and Entrance], Defects, Memory Metals, Zoom

Formative evaluation l.jpg

Formative Evaluation

  • Randi Korn & Associates: Johanna Jones

  • July: Memory Metals, Smash the Glass, Amorphous Metals, Virtual Blacksmith (which becomes Defects)

  • November: Ferrofluids, Foam, Crystal, Name

Web site complement l.jpg

Web Site Complement

  • April MRS - $12k for concept development

  • Web Design Workshop-June @OSC

  • Final Concept-$80k contingency (includes $12k)

  • Total $108k ($28k original + $80k enhanced)

  • 3 Web Construct proposals--> ZOOM!

  • 5pm Tuesday-OSC Web presentation

Big website idea l.jpg

Big Website Idea

  • ~80% Big interactives for kids (5-8th grades)

    • Discovery-based learning

    • Complement/hook with physical exhibition

    • Can stand alone/be enhanced in future

    • Materials Scientists are people--you!

  • 20% of remaining

    • Physical Exhibition, teachers guide, demos

    • Links to MRS, maps, venues, etc

      [ no formal curriculum development ]

Web organizational concept l.jpg

Web Organizational Concept

Current sponsors l.jpg

Current Sponsors!!

Sponsors l.jpg


  • Fundraising Task Force

  • Scientific Advisor and PR Contact

  • Choice of museum venues (2 per exhibition size)

  • (sponsor organization may also have a financial contact)

Slide17 l.jpg

Budget: Consultants’ Costs6/01-11/02*

  • ConsultantProjectedActual

    • OSC$1,110,500$686,989

    • RK&A$66,750$13,300

      • * MRS not invoiced for all November expenses

Slide18 l.jpg

Budget: MRS Personnel and Advisor Expenditures 6/10-11/02*

  • PersonnelCategoryProjectedActual

  • MRSTravel$51,700$34,593

  • Advisor Travel$15,400$8,559

  • AdvisorStipends$33,325$9,841

    • * MRS not invoiced for all November expenses

What s next l.jpg

What’s Next?

  • Science and Education TF reinvigorated

  • Outreach TF tied to venue selection

  • Final designs

  • Formative evaluation in Spring: Zoom, Defects, Sand to Light

  • Copy content and Graphics

Outreach programs subcommittee kristin bennett l.jpg

Outreach Programs Subcommittee (Kristin Bennett)

  • Sets goals and plans MRS membership involvement with venues, materials and museum communities involvement at professional meetings and during exhibition touring. Plans Public Relations external to MRS.

  • Materials Science and Museum Programs TF

    (Beth Stadler)

  • Media Relations TF (Bill Hammetter)

  • [Dissemination and Sales& Marketing not active)

Materials science and museum programs tf l.jpg

Materials Science and Museum Programs TF

  • Development of MRS meeting workshops

  • Help members develop educational materials, programs, and demonstrations for host museums.

  • Develop programs to train museum hosts

  • Creation of Community Resources Coordinators to assemble local volunteer groups (MRS members, MRSECs and Chapters)

  • Responsible for recruiting and coordinating volunteers for museum activities.

    (Coordinate some functions with Schools and Community TF)

Media relations tf l.jpg

Media Relations TF

  • Concerned with developing external media relation program for MMW and MRS - press, TV, radio, advertising. Will work collaboratively with OSC and sponsors in this area for MMW PR.

Exhibit education programs subcommittee tom rieker l.jpg

Exhibit & Education Programs Subcommittee (Tom Rieker)

  • Responsible for exhibit and education program development and implementation.

  • Sets goals for the quality of the education program and exhibit fabrication

  • Development of web-related component and other external educational support projects (Schools and Community)

  • Science & Education Plan TF (Eric Werwa)

  • Design Development TF (Tom Rieker)

  • Web Site TF

  • (Schools and Communities Ed TF)

Operations subcommittee steve streiffer l.jpg

Operations Subcommittee (Steve Streiffer)

  • Fiscal Management, project tracking, mostly based at MRS HQ

  • Fundraising

  • Budget oversight

Tentative dates and venues 5000ft 2 exhibition l.jpg

Tentative Dates and Venues (5000ft2 exhibition)

  • 2004 Liberty Science Center (3M)

    Virginia Air and Space Museum, Hampton

    Museum of Science, Boston (tentative)

  • 2005Great Lakes Science Center (Ford)


    Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose

  • 2006open


    Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Tentative dates and venues 1500ft 2 exhibition l.jpg

Tentative Dates and Venues (1500ft2 exhibition)

  • 2004 open

    Museum of Discovery and Science, Ft Lauderdale

    Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, San Diego (Ford)

  • 2005open



  • 2006open



Interested venues l.jpg

Interested Venues

  • Science Museum of Minnesota (3M)

  • St Louis Science Center (Alcan)

  • Franklin Institute Science Museum, PA

  • Imaginarium Science Discovery Center, Anchorage

  • Cranbrook Institute of Science, MI (3M, DOW)

  • Mid America Science Museum, AR

  • CA Science Center, LA (Ford)

  • Lawrence Hall of Science, CA

  • Coyote Point Museum, CA

  • Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

  • Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

  • Buffalo Museum of Science (Alcan)

  • Marshall Space Flight Center, AL (3M)

  • Don Harrington Discover Center, TX

  • Chicago Children’s Museum

Grand openings l.jpg


  • June 28, 2003 Ontario Science Center

  • February 2004 Liberty Science Center, New Jersey

Slide29 l.jpg

Budget: Consultants’ Costs6/01-11/03*

  • ConsultantProjectedActual

    • OSC$1,885,000$1,575,824

    • RK&A$89,000$56,680

      • * MRS not invoiced for all November expenses

Slide30 l.jpg

Budget: MRS Personnel and Advisor Expenditures 6/10-11/02*

  • PersonnelCategoryProjectedActual

  • MRSTravel$58,300$57,511

  • Advisor Travel$16,500$10,995

  • AdvisorStipends$38,050$16,241

    • * MRS not invoiced for all November expenses

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