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PowerPoint Made Simple John J Toman Director, UTIA Information Technology Overview Delivering Effective Presentations Designing a Presentation in PowerPoint Features of PowerPoint PhotoShow Demonstration Top 10 Reasons for Using PowerPoint 10. Effective organizational tool

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Powerpoint made simple l.jpg
PowerPoint Made Simple

John J TomanDirector, UTIA Information Technology

Overview l.jpg

  • Delivering Effective Presentations

  • Designing a Presentation in PowerPoint

  • Features of PowerPoint

  • PhotoShow Demonstration

Top 10 reasons for using powerpoint l.jpg
Top 10 Reasons for Using PowerPoint

10. Effective organizational tool

9. Text effects provide contrast and emphasis

8. Can put on the web

7. Save $$ on transparencies

6. Animation features helps hold attention

5. Integrate text, images, sound and video

4. Appeals to many types of learners

3. Easy to make last-minute modifications

2. Discover the meaning of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

1. Bill Gates does it

Presentation goals l.jpg
Presentation Goals

  • Transfer knowledge and skills from presenter to audience

  • Help viewer focus attention on presentation

Student retention l.jpg
Student Retention

  • 10% of what they read

  • 20% of what they hear

  • 30% of what they see

  • 40% of what they see and hear

  • 70% of what they say

  • 90% of what they say and do

Keys for successful delivery l.jpg
Keys for Successful Delivery

  • Plan carefully

  • Do your research

  • Know your audience

  • Time your presentation

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • Speak comfortably and clearly

Powerpoint presentations l.jpg
PowerPoint Presentations

  • Are easily changed

  • Can incorporate text and images

  • Add animation effects

  • Easily stored, shared, reused

  • Presentation is exportable to the web

Designing a presentation l.jpg
Designing a Presentation

  • Good design is critical to success

  • Text guidelines

  • Clip art and graphics

  • Multimedia usage

Tips for good design l.jpg
Tips for Good Design

  • Standardize slide design

  • One thought per slide

  • Include only necessary information

  • Landscape orientation is usually best

  • Consistent effects and transitions

  • Have appropriate number of slides

  • Color choices are important

Text guidelines l.jpg
Text Guidelines


  • 5 – 7 Words per line/lines per slide

  • Font size between 20 – 40 points

  • Choose fonts carefully

    • Fancy fonts difficult to read

    • Serif vs. Sans-Serif

  • Use sentence case

  • Highlightimportant information with color


Clip art and graphics l.jpg
Clip Art and Graphics

  • Many sources

    • Clip art on CD

    • Pictures from the web

    • Digital/scanned Photos

  • Choose appropriately to compliment text

  • Limit number on each slide

  • Edit pictures before importing

Use don t abuse multimedia l.jpg
Use, Don’t Abuse Multimedia

  • KISS principle

  • Movement can focus views attention

  • Too much may distract audience

  • Avoid large graphics and movies when possible


Powerpoint features l.jpg
PowerPoint Features

  • Views

  • Design Templates

  • Insert multimedia

    • Pictures and clip art

    • Sound, movies

    • Animations

  • Action settings

  • Builds and transitions


Tips for creating a powerpoint a presentation l.jpg
Tips for Creating a PowerPoint a Presentation

  • Use index cards to storyboard your presentation.

  • Gather all materials for presentation

  • Store presentation and all media in one folder

  • Use outline mode to enter in the text

  • Add pictures, video, sound, animations, etc

  • Apply a slide design

  • Review presentation to make sure everything fits

  • Apply animations to the items on the slides

  • Apply transitions to the presentation

  • Review presentation and make adjustments

  • Practice, practice, practice

Resources references l.jpg

  • General

    • http://office.microsoft.com/

  • Tips & Tutorials

    • http://www.davis.k12.ut.us/etc/cathy/sldshw.htm

    • http://oregonstate.edu/instruction/ed596/ppoint/pphome.htm

    • http://www.mightycoach.com/articles/powerpoint/

    • http://www.tutorialbox.com/

    • http://www.roadtools.com/tips.html

    • http://www.fgcu.edu/support/office2000/ppt/

    • http://www.actden.com/pp/

    • http://www.science.iupui.edu/SAC98/ppt.htm

    • http://www.powerpointbackgrounds.com/powerpointtutorials.htm

Resources references16 l.jpg

  • Templates and Backgrounds

    • http://www.brainybetty.com/

    • http://www.soniacoleman.com/templates.htm

  • Clip Art & Fonts

    • Microsoft Design Gallery Live: http://office.microsoft.com/clipart/

    • http://www.animationfactory.com/

    • http://www.fontfreak.com/index2.htm

  • Plug-Ins

    • http://www.bitbetter.com/photoshow.htm

  • Design

    • http://www.rdpslides.com/pptfaq/index.html

    • http://www.3m.com/meetingnetwork/presentations

    • http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/powerpoint.html

Normal view l.jpg
Normal View

  • Combines outline, slide view and notes view

  • Enter text in outline

  • Add pictures, animations, sound directly on slide

Slide sorter view l.jpg
Slide Sorter view

  • Organizes slides

  • Click and drag slides in order

  • Apply transitions and builds

  • Can copy slides from one presentation to another

Using design templates view master slide master l.jpg
Using Design TemplatesView > Master > Slide Master

  • Slide master keeps slides consistent

  • Set background, colors, fonts, etc

  • Customizing a slide background

  • Save as a template

  • Share templates with others

Inserting multimedia insert picture movies and sound l.jpg
Inserting MultimediaInsert > Picture/Movies and Sound

  • Select from gallery or file

  • Control how movies play

    • Looping, click to play, rewind

    • Keep with presentation

  • Other objects like charts, graphs, word art

  • Find multimedia on Internet

Action settings slide show action settings l.jpg
Action SettingsSlide Show > Action Settings

  • Click on item to give action

  • Set words or clipart as Action Settings

  • This could point to another slide, another presentation, play a sound or run another program

Man Singing

Slide builds animation slide show custom animation l.jpg
Slide Builds - AnimationSlide Show > Custom Animation

  • Reveals text and multimedia

  • Keeps audience from reading ahead

  • Use same builds for all slides

  • Animate images

Slide transitions slide show slide transition l.jpg
Slide TransitionsSlide Show > Slide Transition

  • Use transitions and custom animations to add pizzazz to your show

  • Use same slide transitions for uniformity

  • Limit use of sound with transitions


Bad bad bad l.jpg
Bad Bad Bad

  • This is not the way to present to your audience

  • If you have to many bells and whistles your audience will become annoyed

  • The may even throw stuff at you

  • Or walk out of your presentation