Mixed reality robotics research
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Mixed Reality Robotics Research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mixed Reality Robotics Research. Team Scribby : Mirza Sikander. Overview. Mixed reality robotics Scribbler Calico SECRET WEAPON Things that I would like to do with Scribbler Closing comments. MIXED REALITY Robotics. Mixed-reality robotics has two dimensions: virtual and physical.

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Mixed Reality Robotics Research

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Mixed Reality Robotics Research

Team Scribby: Mirza Sikander


  • Mixed reality robotics

  • Scribbler

  • Calico


  • Things that I would like to do with Scribbler

  • Closing comments


  • Mixed-reality robotics has two dimensions: virtual and physical.

  • Software plays a major role because it not just provides routines for the robot. It also sustains the virtual world.

  • Goes beyond compared to a regular software application

Scribbler: First thoughts

  • Two wheels support reduces complexity

  • Few sensors.

Scribbler: second thoughts

  • -Can not be extended by a great degree.

  • Understandable: Low Cost makes it more accessible to everyone.

Calico: Framework Designed for Computer Science Education

  • Impressive

  • They have taken inspiration from:

    • Alice and Scratch which provides drag-and-drop, nosyntax-errors programming environments,

    • DrRacket(formerly DrScheme) offers an award-winning integrated error display and logging system for Scheme”

Calico:A Multi-Programming-Language, Multi-Context environment

  • Main focus is to provide freedom to educators.

  • Ideally, educators should be free to choose the most appropriate programming languages and, independently, the most appropriate themes and contexts for their courses.

Calico:A Multi-Programming-Language, Multi-Context Environment

  • an interface for multiple programming languages

  • an interface for multiple libraries for exploring different computing contexts;

  • an interface for peer-to-peer communication

  • an integrated editor

Calico: How It works and what it provides

  • Uses a virtual machine

  • Calico incorporates a layer for language designers called the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR).

  • Adding a new text-based or graphical language is a simple matter of adding a single file to the system.





  • Explorer: curious about trying out new technologies and new ideas

    • Experience with Robotics.

  • Patient: ability to stay calm when things break

  • I like to work with a team because you become exposed to variety of ideas and different angles of looking at the problems

  • Can work with wordpress

  • Conclusion:Things I would like to do with scribbler

    • Right now we are only looking at the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can do with the scribbler

    • Calico provides a range of opportunities.:

      • FarseerPhysics - 2D Physics Engine (used in Graphics)

      • Calico Kinect - interface to the Kinect, through Kinect server running on Windows

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