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  • Uploaded on Usability Evaluation. By Neil Olsen. Agenda. Website Overview Target Audience Competitive Analysis Willis-Consulting Schwarzkopf Recruiting Services Expert Analysis Data Collection Data Analysis Conclusion Recommendations. Website Overview.

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Usability evaluation

Usability Evaluation

By Neil Olsen


  • Website Overview

  • Target Audience

  • Competitive Analysis

    • Willis-Consulting

    • Schwarzkopf Recruiting Services

  • Expert Analysis

  • Data Collection

  • Data Analysis

  • Conclusion

  • Recommendations

Website overview
Website Overview

  • Purpose: To provide background information on Criterion Management and contact information.

  • Business Goals: To get financial advisors to contact Criterion Management and to build relationships.

  • Value Proposition: Criterion offers good customer service and experience negotiating salaries.

  • User Needs: To learn about the history of Criterion and its principles.

  • Purpose of Evaluation: To determine the level of usability for the website and to assess if it is achieving the goals of the business.

  • Expected outcomes: Criterion Management will redesign their website to make it more effective in meeting their business goals of recruitment and building relationships.

Target audience
Target audience

  • Occupation: Financial Advisor (Retail business)

  • Income: Managing $30 million in assets with gross commissions of $300,000 or higher over last 12 months.

  • Education: Series 7 License

  • Computer Experience: Frequent internet user

  • Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

  • Gender: Mostly male, but can vary

  • Age: 35-65, but can vary

  • Location: Nationwide in U.S.

Competitive analysis
Competitive analysis

Aspects of Heuristic Evaluation :

  • Simplicity

  • Consistency

  • Focus

  • Simplification and Reduction

  • Contrast

  • Balance

  • Repetition

  • Gestalt Principles

  • Good Use of Page Real Estate

Willis consulting

Willis consulting1

  • The page is free of clutter

  • The text is consistent throughout all pages and there is consistency in the design between pages.

  • There is a clear and unambiguous structure to the page

  • A contact number is at the top right of the screen

  • The users focus is drawn by the use of graphics and titles

  • The color tone gives the user a sense of professionalism and the contrast is not overwhelming or dithered.

Willis consulting2

  • There is a top running navigation bar with text and a clear home page.

  • The page is well balanced

  • There is repetition of elements within the page and effective use of the Gestalt principles

  • The page has a little too much blank space at the sides on a high end display (the image in this presentation was cropped at the sides).

Schwarzkopf recruiting services
SchwarzKopf Recruiting Services

Schwarzkopf recruiting services1
SchwarzKopf Recruiting Services

  • The page is free of clutter

  • There is consistency in the page design across pages

  • There are 2 different fonts used and bolding to create a 3rd difference, so text consistency is an issue.

  • Titles are used to help guide the user to the important areas of the page, although the relevant information is on the right side and not the left.

  • The page is well balanced around a central point.

Schwarzkopf recruiting services2
SchwarzKopf Recruiting Services

  • The color tone is pleasant and professional, and the contrast is not overwhelming or dithered.

  • However, the Contact button does not have the proper contrast from the background.

  • Repetition of elements is low but not necessary.

  • The Gestalt principles are well employed for the most part, except for the contact button.

  • The page has a little too much blank space at the sides on a high end display (the image in this presentation was cropped at the sides).

Expert analysis
Expert Analysis

Expert analysis1
Expert Analysis

  • The page is free of clutter

  • There is consistency in the design of the website, however, the company address in red text and all other text is black, with links in red.

  • There is a title on each page, but there are no titles in the navigation bar and no Alt Text so this detracts focus from the content.

  • Also, the text is not broken up into chunks to make it salient to the user, which takes away from the users ability to focus on the important content.

  • Only the necessary elements are included on each page.

Expert analysis2
Expert Analysis

  • The color tone is not professional and is hard to look at the site. The contrast is a little to high causing the page to seem overwhelming.

  • There is repetition of elements and mostly the text just changes.

  • The Gestalt principles are employed on the contacts page and in the navigation bar.

  • The page has far too much blank space at the sides and across the bottom on a high end display (the image in this presentation was cropped at the sides and bottom).

Data collection
Data Collection


  • Determine the purpose of the website.

  • Determine who the website is for.

  • Find the contact information for Scott Colton.

  • Determine what the opportunities are.

  • Find out why you should leave your current broker dealer for another one.

  • Determine what the fee is for using Criterion Management.

Data analysis
Data Analysis

Ranking of Site Elements

  • Participants were asked to rank three elements using a Likert scale.

  • 1 being it was easy/good

  • 5 being it was hard/bad

  • A check indicates that a participant was able to complete the given task.

Task Completion Chart


  • Fact: Criterion Management is a recruiting business

  • Fact: The business goals of any good recruiting website are for users to understand:

    • What do you do?

    • Why they should contact you as opposed to someone else?

    • What opportunities are available?

  • Problem: As it stands right now, Criterion Management’s website merely tells a story of who the principles are and how they got there.

  • Result: Based on this problem and the evaluation of “best practices” from other company’s websites in the same industry, a redesign is needed.



  • Site contains the following pages:

    • Home page

    • About Us page

    • Contact Our Recruiters page

    • Opportunities Page

    • How the Process Works

    • FAQ page

  • Company name and phone number at the top of every page.

  • The different pages in the site should not exist within a flash based frame on a single page (the link to every page should not be

  • The content from the Introduction, Philosophy, and About Us pages should all be transferred to the About Us page.

  • Pictures of at least the principles of the company should accompany their bios.

  • The content should be updated as necessary for each of the pages.


Home page

  • The Home button should take the user to the home page.

  • The home page should provide a statement of what Criterion Management does and who the website is for.

  • The company name and a contact phone number should be right at the top of the home page.

  • The contact information such as address and email address should also be on the home page. Near the bottom.

  • There should be no splash page


Page Layout

  • Navigation menu is a fixed landmark on the top of every page and uses text instead of graphics

  • Include a search bar as a landmark.

  • The site should take up more space on the page.

  • The contrast of the website should be changed to a light and professional tone. Perhaps light blue and white or grey and white.

  • Text should be broken up with titles and should use brief explanations perhaps through the aid of bullet points or just more frequent titles.

  • Links should be blue and underlined as opposed to red.

  • Testimonial quotes can be used to break up information.


Browser Integration

  • Allow user to hit back and forward buttons in the browser to navigate.

  • There should be an actual scroll bar and the content should not scroll within a single flash based frame.

  • If scrolling is needed, have a redundant menu at the page bottom.

  • Alt Text should be added to the graphics


  • Have a page dedicated to relevant news in the brokerage industry (could be difficult and/or costly).

  • Pictures and bios for each and every recruiter (may not project the tone the company wants).

  • Include testimonials from previous clients (would need to get client consent)