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Review. 25 Questions. Why did Europeans want to find a northwest passage?. They were looking for a shorter route to Asia. What region of the US were the first permanent colonies located?. The Atlantic Coast. What was the main purpose of the Mayflower Compact?.

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25 Questions

Why did Europeans want to find a northwest passage?

They were looking for a shorter route to Asia

What region of the US were the first permanent colonies located?

The Atlantic Coast

  • What was the main purpose of the Mayflower Compact?

  • To create a government that would benefit the colony

  • The Virginia House of Burgesses is important in developing democracy because…….

  • It established Representative Government

  • Many Europeans came to America for……

  • Religious Freedom

    • Wealth and Riches

    • Land

    • Avoid Persecution

What countries claimed land in North America in the 1600 and 1700s?

  • England, Spain, the Dutch, France

  • Peter Styuvesant was the governor of New Netherland – before they surrendered to England.

  • Which country controlled NY first?

  • The Dutch

  • What does the term toleration mean?

  • Accepting of differences

    • Allowing other to practice their own religion

    • Today, how are we tolerant?

  • What is the Columbian Exchange?

  • Sharing of goods and ideas between cultures

    • Examples – today and 1600s and 1700s

  • What is the belief that colonies exist to benefit the mother country?

  • Mercantilism

  • What was the Albany Plan of Union?

  • A plan for colonies to unite for common defense.

  • (join or die cartoon)

  • What were the primary causes of the French and Indian War?

  • Land disputes

  • Trade conflicts (because of land claims)

  • How were the French profiting in North America at the time?

  • Fishing and the Fur Trade

  • After the French and Indian War, England tried to force the colonies to help pay for the war by taxing them. List 3+ taxes England imposed on the colonies….

  • The Sugar Act

  • The Tea Act

  • The Stamp Act

  • The Townshend Acts

  • Why did the colonist resist paying the taxes?

  • They did not have representation in Parliament.

  • What is Parliament?

  • England’s law making body - similar to our Congress

  • How did the colonists protest English taxes?

  • Boycotts, smuggling, riots

  • What is a boycott?

  • Not purchasing an item!

  • How did boycotts impact

  • A. the colonists

  • B. British Merchants

  • Colonists may have had a shortage of goods

  • British Merchants had reduced profits – economic hardships

  • What is a primary source?

  • Source material closest to the person or event.

  • Created by the people involved or during the time period

  • Examples – diaries, letters, paintings

  • Who was the primary author of the declaration of Independence?

  • Thomas Jefferson

  • What was the primary purpose of the Declaration of Independence?

  • To give the reasons for separation from England

  • What was the most common way women helped during the American Revolution?

  • Managing Farms

  • What was a loyalist?

  • Someone who remained loyal to England.

  • Who were patriots?

  • A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

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