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Session 38. Financial Aid for Professionals (FAP) Portal and Beyond – How We Communicate With You Claire “Micki” Roemer David Bartlett. Websites. Financial Aid Professional (FAP) Portal (formerly known as the Schools Portal) IFAP COD NSLDS. More Websites.

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Session 38

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Session 38

Session 38

Financial Aid for Professionals (FAP) Portal and Beyond – How We Communicate With You

Claire “Micki” Roemer

David Bartlett



  • Financial Aid Professional (FAP) Portal (formerly known as the Schools Portal)

  • IFAP

  • COD


More websites

More Websites

  • Application for Approval to Participate in Federal Student Aid Programs

  • Student Aid Internet Gateway

  • FSA Download Site

  • eCampus-Based/FISAP

  • GAPS and E-payments

Even more websites

Even More Websites

  • FSA Assessments

  • FAA Access Online

  • FSA Publications

  • ED’s PIN Registration Site

Financial aid professionals fap portal formerly know as the school s portal

Financial Aid Professionals (FAP)Portal(formerly know as the School’s Portal)

  • Simple registration

  • Can become your home page

  • Can serve as link to all of ED’s functional areas

  • Can be customized to add your own favorite sites

Financial aid professionals fap




List of Links

FSA Calendar

Financial Aid Professionals - FAP

Register to customize the financial aid professionals portal

Register to Customize the Financial Aid Professionals Portal

My fsa registration menu

MY FSA – Registration Menu

My fsa customization menu

MY FSA – Customization Menu

Customization menu for links

Customization Menu for Links

Customization menu for bookmarks

Customization Menu for Bookmarks

  • Go to “Other Links” Option at Homepage to help select your Bookmarks

Customization menu for changing your password

Customization Menu for Changing Your Password

Schools portal fsa contacts

Schools Portal – FSA Contacts

The FSA Contact List is a service directory for the FSA community.

Hurricane katrina site from financial aid professionals portal

Hurricane Katrina SiteFrom Financial Aid Professionals Portal


you to


Ifap information for financial aid professionals

IFAP (Information for Financial Aid Professionals)

  • Think of this as your financial aid online library.

  • Can be accessed through the Financial Aid Professionals Portal toolbar.

  • IFAP allows you to register for subscription services.

Information for financial aid professionals ifap

Information for Financial Aid Professionals - IFAP

  • Online library for Financial Aid Professionals.

  • Most up to date guidance on administering Title IV Federal Student Aid Programs.

  • Special Link to the Higher Education Reconciliation Act of 2005 (HERA) Information Including ACG and SMART Grant Information for Schools, Students, and Financial Partners.

Ifap special guidance

IFAP Special Guidance

Special guidance is placed in one area for easy retrieval.

Ifap member services

IFAP – Member Services

  • Notification of new content

  • Member Services Profile

  • Register

  • Different from My FSA

Ifap member services registration

IFAP – Member Services - Registration

  • Select Member Services

  • Select “Click Here” to Register

  • Complete the IFAP User Registration form and select the “Submit Registration” Button

Ifap subscription services

IFAP Subscription Services

  • Weekly summary

  • Frequently generated IFAP additions

  • Additional publications by publication type

  • Additional publications by program / service

Ifap member services subscription service

IFAP – Member Services - Subscription Service

48 HourWeekly

Fap portal and ifap need your feedback

FAP Portal and IFAP – Need Your Feedback

Be part of the enhancement of the FSA FAP Portal and provide us your Feedback.

Web Communications


Session 38

Please join us in the PC Lab for further discussion, questions, or demonstrations.

Session 38


Access the COD website from the Financial Aid Professionals Portal page under “FAA Access to Student Data”

From the web at:

Session 38


  • To use the COD website related to student/award/disbursement data, you need to have a password.

  • Without a password, anyone can access:

    • Daily updates

    • Frequently asked questions about COD

    • Sign on documents

Electronic announcement 9 8 06

Electronic Announcement – 9/8/06


  • 0908CODProcUpdateDLPG.pdf



  • Can be accessed from the Financial Aid Professionals Portal under “FAA Access to Student Data”

  • Requires a personal password that cannot be shared with others

Nslds continued

NSLDS (Continued)

  • The site permits schools to:

    • Perform NSLDS Enrollment Monitoring

    • NSLDS Transfer Monitoring

    • Check a student’s prior loan and Pell history.

    • Verify various statuses of a student’s Title IV eligibility.

Application for approval to participate in federal student aid programs

Application for Approval to Participate in Federal Student Aid Programs

  • Can be accessed from the Financial Aid Professionals Portal under “Participation and Funding”

  • Directly at

  • Does require a password

  • This is used as an application for initial participation, renewal, reinstatement, and updates including address, change of officials, etc.

Student aid internet gateway

Student Aid Internet Gateway

  • Can be accessed from the Financial Aid Professionals Portal under “Participation and Funding”

  • Directly at

  • This site permits your school to enroll or update enrollment for any of the Department’s electronic processing such as Direct Loans, CPS, RFMS, Campus-Based, or NSLDS activities.

  • Registration can be completed online or hard copy printed and mailed.

Fsa download site

FSA Download Site

  • Access from the Financial Aid Professionals Portal, under “Resources and Training; Software and Manuals”

  • Directly at

  • This is your resource for all ED developed software i.e. EDExpress, SSCR, QA Tools, DL Tools, etc. along with tech references, install guides, and user guides.

  • Does not require a password.



  • Financial Aid Professionals Portal under “Other Links”. Select the letter F” and scroll down to FISAP.

  • Site permits you to submit FISAP information, access Campus-Based information data and review reports.

  • You use your ED Pin to complete the FISAP.

Session 38


  • Can access from Financial Aid Professionals Portal under “Participation and Funding”

  • This is the site for requesting Title IV funds, returning excess cash and ultimately reconciling your financial data.

  • Requires a sign on.

Where to locate the fsa assessments

  • IFAP

  • School Portal

Where to locate the FSA Assessments

The fsa assessment re design

The FSA Assessment – Re-Design

Fsa assessments continued

FSA Assessments (Continued)

  • Provides the following modules:

    • Institutional eligibility

    • Default prevention and management

    • Consumer information

    • Return of Title IV funds

    • Change in ownership

    • Managing funds

Satisfactory academic progress assessment sap

Satisfactory Academic Progress Assessment(SAP)

The regulation link

The Regulation Link

Session 38

We welcome you to the PC Lab or to Session #12 – “Self Assessment and Evaluation”. Please join the ED Assessment Team as they show you how to use the assessments to prevent and/or identify compliance issues.

Faa access online

FAA Access Online

  • Financial Aid Professionals Portal under “FAA Access to Student Data”

  • On web at:

  • Access is with your ED pin

  • Permits you to

    • View students’ SAR data

    • Compare two ISIR transactions for the same student

    • Enter a FAFSA or renewal FAFSA

    • Correct a processed FAFSA

Fsa publications

FSA Publications

  • Financial Aid Professionals Portal under “Resources and Training” – “Publications and How to Order”

  • The place to order all of our publications fsapubshome.html

Websites for parents and students

Websites for Parents and Students

  • ED’s Pin Registration Site

  • Student Portal

  • The Student Guide

  • FAFSA on the Web

  • NSLDS for Student Access

Websites for parents and students continued

Websites for Parents and Students (Continued)

  • Paying Back Your Student Loan

  • FSA Ombudsman Home Page

  • DL Servicing Online

  • DL Master P-note Site

  • DL Loan Consolidation Page

Ed s pin registration site

ED’s Pin Registration Site

  • Financial Aid Professionals Portal under “Other Links”

    at the top.

  • You will need this Pin to also access the FISAP and to access FAA Access Online.

  • This is your personal PIN with the U. S. Department of Education

Student portal

Student Portal

  • Can be added to Financial Aid Professionals Portal “Resources and Training”

  • On web at

  • Links to many of the student web sites

  • In Spanish as well as English

  • Provides links to many of the other student websites

  • Student may set up “My FSA”

My fsa student portal

MY FSA- Student Portal

  • Allows a student to create his or her own “My FSA” to

    • Plan for college and find the right school

    • Search for scholarships

    • Apply to college online

    • Transfer their profile to FAFSA on the Web

    • Find financial aid opportunities

    • Track their favorite schools

    • Research career choices

Fsa ombudsman home page

FSA Ombudsman Home Page

  • Provides tips on resolving problems and disputes involving FSA loans

  • Assists in resolution if normal channels do not result in resolution

Dl sites not linked

DL Sites Not Linked

  • Direct Loans Master P-note Site


    • Used to sign electronically a master p-note for Direct Loans

  • Direct Loan Consolidation Home Page


    • Contact point on the web for applying to consolidate loans.

Fsa video conference site

FSA Video Conference Site

  • Financial Aid Professionals Portal under “Resources and Training” – “Videoconferences”

  • On web at

  • Preview of upcoming video conferences and web casts, including printed materials.

  • You can view archived web casts or order tapes of a previous videoconference.

Training opportunities

Training Opportunities

To register, go

Training welcome to tfap

Training – Welcome to TFAP

  • Financial Aid Professionals Portal under “Resources and Training”

  • Upcoming training opportunities

  • Access training materials; i.e, COD CBT

Online training

Online Training

  • EDExpress Basics Web-based Training


  • FAA Assessments

    • Financial Aid Professionals Portal under “Resources and Training”


    • SFAAssessment.jsp

  • COD Computer Based Training




Fsa coach

FSA Coach

  • Under IFAP “Tools for Schools”

  • Under TFAP side bar “Training”

  • A free web based orientation to student financial aid concepts

  • 40 hours of self paced instruction, 9 modules, 36 lessons



  • Financial Aid Professionals Portal under “Resources and Training”

  • No sign-on necessary

  • Preview of upcoming FSA conferences, agendas, hotel and travel information.

Current future training

Current & Future Training

  • Federal Student Aid Conferences:

    • Orlando, Florida October 30 –November 2, 2006

    • Las Vegas, Nevada November 28- December 1, 2006

  • Fall 2006 Training – HERA

  • Spring 2007 Training – ACG/SMART

Where to start

Where to Start

  • Find a mentor

  • Stay in touch

    • Subscribe to IFAP

    • Read COD Daily Update


  • Attend conferences, workshops, etc.

  • Get out of your office

The status of the profession

The Status of the Profession

  • Professional Development

  • Professional Judgment

Additional beginner s track sessions

Additional Beginner’s Track Sessions

  • Session #39 - Uncover the Mysteries of How a Law Becomes Operational

Session 38


Contact Information:

Claire (Micki) Roemer


Phone: (202) 377-3452


David Bartlett


Phone: (816) 268-0434

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