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LINEAR PERSPECTIVE. Two Point Linear Perspective. LINEAR PERSPECTIVE. A system of drawing in which the artist uses line to create the illusion of depth on a flat surface. . HORIZON LINE.

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Two Point Linear Perspective

Linear perspective2 l.jpg

  • A system of drawing in which the artist uses line to create the illusion of depth on a flat surface.

Horizon line l.jpg

  • A horizon line is the place where water or land seems to end and the sky begins. Vanishing points are usually located on this line.

Horizon line4 l.jpg

  • The Horizon line is always at eye level. Picture yourself at the seashore and looking out at the ocean you notice that the water meets the sky at your eye level. This never changes. You may be in an airplane 1000 feet up and the level that the ocean meets the sky is still at your eye level! Or you may be lying down on the beach and the ocean level drops with you.

Vanishing point l.jpg

  • In linear perspective,the vanishing point is the place on the horizon line where parallel lines seem to meet

Vanishing point 1 point l.jpg

  • You may want to think of the last time you were looking down a long stretch of straight highway. The edges of that highway appear to move at an angle upward until they meet the horizon. In one point perspective all verticals and horizontals stay the same and only lines that are moving away from or toward the viewer seem to recede on the horizon at the vanishing point.

Converging lines l.jpg

  • Converging lines are lines that converge (come together) at the vanishing point(s)

1 point-Try drawing a straight highway or railroad tracks using horizon lines, vanishing points, and convergence lines.

Assignment l.jpg

  • Draw a minimum of ten boxes in two point linear perspective.

  • Some must overlap other cubes

  • Color each cube with one color and tints and shades of that color (monochromatic).

  • Each cube will be a different monochromatic color.

Rubric l.jpg

  • D - 3-5 correctly drawn and colored boxes

  • C - 6-8 correctly drawn and colored boxes

  • B - 9-11 or more correctly drawn and colored boxes

  • A - 12 or more correctly drawn and colored boxes& correct advanced configuration