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Linux gui x windows system
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Linux GUI X-Windows System. X-Windows System. A stable and extremely powerful GUI system that provides a complete Client/Server framework. The X-org foundation currently leads the X-Project. It is available as a free and open source software under the MIT license. History of X-Windows.

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Linux GUI X-Windows System

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Linux gui x windows system

Linux GUIX-Windows System

X windows system

X-Windows System

  • A stable and extremely powerful GUI system that provides a complete Client/Server framework.

  • The X-org foundation currently leads the X-Project.

  • It is available as a free and open source software under the MIT license.

History of x windows

History of X-Windows

  • 1984 – MIT Project X – begin as an effort to develop a complete Client/Server GUI.

  • 1986- First Commercial version of X was released for Unix.

  • 1994- XFree86, under GPL , An open source implementation of X11R6 (Linux gets its first GUI)

X windows system for different platforms

X-Windows System for Different Platforms

  • X-window system is Currently the default GUI for

    - All the Linux distributions such as Redhat, Debian and Novell’s Suse,

    - A lot of Unix systems such as FreeBSD and ISO Unix,

    - Solaris

    - MAC OS X

    - OpenVMS (for VAX and Alpha Machines)

  • It is supported by

    - MS Windows ( Cygwin)

Interesting fact expert users vs average users

Interesting FactExpert Users VS Average Users

  • When the GUI was first introduced in Linux world a lot of power users were reluctant to use it because they believed that GUI is for average users and not for the power users.

  • The average computer users hesitate to use Linux because it is considered as an extremely difficult and complicated O/S

X windows components

X-Windows Components

  • X-Server

  • Windows Manager

  • Desktop Environment

X server


  • Sets up the graphics display e.g. Monitors resolution, color depth, refresh rate etc

  • Tracks mouse movements and keystrokes

  • Communicates with X clients

  • E.g. X11R6, Metro-X, MacOS-X, Accelerated-X

Window managers

Window Managers

  • Provides Features such as Windows layouts, Menus , Bars, borders .

  • Mechanism to Minimize and Maximize

  • Windows and Icons placements

  • Virtual Desktops

  • E.g Afterstep, Enlightenment, FVWM, IceWM, KWM, Metacity, twm and Sawfish

Desktop environment

Desktop Environment

  • Provides Icons, Folders, toolbars, applications, applets, wallpapers, screensavers, and abilities like drag and drop.

  • A distinctive look and feel.

  • E.g. Gnome, KDE, Motif, Xfce, LG3d(1 ,2 ,3,4)

X windows system and the average users

X-Windows System and the Average Users

  • Automated Graphical Installation

  • Graphical Login

  • Common Desktop Applications like File Browsers, Web Browsers, Email Clients, FTP clients, News Readers etc

  • Multimedia Applications (1,2)

  • Office Applications

  • Graphics Applications

  • Scientific and Engineering Applications

  • Desktop themes

  • BlueTooth(1,2,3) and Irda Applications

X windows system and the power users administrators

X-Windows System and the Power Users/ Administrators

  • Server Configuration tools

  • Network Configuration tools

  • Log file viewers

  • System Security configuration tools

  • Hardware Configuration tools

X windows system and the developers

X-Windows System and the Developers

  • Development tools (1,2)

  • General Guidelines (KDE, Gnome, X)

  • Complete Documentation

Linux gui x windows system


Qtopia is Trolltech's application platform and user

interface for Linux, allowing efficient creation of mobile

and embedded devices for embedded Linux based PDAs, mobile

phones, web pads, and other mobile computing devices

X windows based kiosk

X-Windows Based Kiosk

  • Kiosk (Mini Windows & Dillo Browser)

Erricson hs210 video phone

Erricson HS210Video Phone

  • Developed using QT Library

  • Running on 200MHz processor

  • and 32 MB RAM

  • Touch Screen

Pdas running x

PDAs running X

Linux gui x windows system

Cell Phones Running X

Linux gui x windows system

A complete next

Generation desktop solution

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  • X Windows system is an extremely powerful GUI build for computer users with every level of expertise. It is a complete next generation desktop solution.

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