Windows vs linux
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Windows vs linux

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Windows vs linux

Windows vs Linux

Windows vs linux

  • Users who are considering making a change from Windows to Linux often want to know what are the advantages and the disadvantages of each of the operating system. Here we are going to list some of the most common topics that are compare and which one is better:

  • Distros:- While Windows has a more easy structure, with progressive iterations divided by tier, Linux is more customizable. Distros, that are the name given to hundreds of different Linux-based operating systems, can vary wildly in design, sophistication and functionality. However, as it is an open source, it can be modified and altered by anyone to create their own custom versions of the software. Which is great!

  • Installation:- As for the installation Linux is easier because the distro can be installed from within the lived-booted OS or simply run live for as long as toy need. Although, polished distros require more technical know to how to get up and running. By contrast windows installation is more time consuming and requires a minimum of user input compare to many distros

Windows vs linux

  • Security:- Linux security is one of the principal reasons for its popularity among the IT community. One of the most effective’s ways Linux secures is throughout their privileges that help to avoid virus attacks while cyber-attacks targeting Windows are much more likely to succeed.

  • Support:- Linux has a large amount of information to fall back to, as for tips, tricks, tutorials, forums etc. from other users and developer, because they don’t have a very cohesive support structure, it makes it very simply for anyone with access to google, write their problem and find the solution. While Windows has a more effective structure of support which make it easy to access and understand it but there is not always an answer for everything.

  • Verdict: Given their different strengths is difficult to choose whether Linux or Windows is better. The one that will work for your business depends on how your company operates, and what applications it uses, so for instance you have to know how does your business operate and what systems should have.

Windows vs linux

If you have a small business that works primarily in software then Linux is the best option for you, the free availability will reduce overheads, and set-up won´t be too complicated to manage. For a large business it will be a little bit more complex, but in the end this change, can bring much more benefits in your company for example in the security area.

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