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B2C Update
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B2C Update. Setting the stage for B2C. We want to grow faster than we are growing today. Setting the stage for B2C. Positive signals suggested market potential in direct to consumer. Chapman continuation sales 30-40% Redlands student choice sales 11-15%. Setting the stage for B2C.

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B2C Update

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B2c update

B2C Update

B2c update

Setting the stage for B2C

  • We want to grow faster than we are growing today

B2c update

Setting the stage for B2C

Positive signals suggested market potential in direct to consumer

  • Chapman continuation sales 30-40%

  • Redlands student choice sales 11-15%

B2c update

Setting the stage for B2C

Market segmentation study supported this potential

  • On average, 11% extremely likely to purchase coaching

  • At $90/month price point, 14% extremely likely to purchase coaching

B2c update

Setting the stage for B2C

Conservative market sizing suggested each of two products was $50 million addressable market

  • We will do a more in depth market sizing with an expert consultant in early Q3

B2c update

Setting the stage for B2C

Interviews and focus groups gave us deeper insight into attitudes toward InsideTrack Coaching as a consumer product

Overall positive feedback – but confusion about value prop of freshman transition was a concern, as was remote nature of coaching for college admissions product.

Over the next quarter we will continue this work.

B2c update

Market and product strategy: options

“Current Core ”

“License Model”

“Channel Model”

“Direct Marketing & Non School Partners”

“Catalyst +”

B2c update

Decision – assess B2C; acquire 400+ customers

“Adult *

“Traditional - University Partner Model **”

“License Model”

-Traditional private

“Traditional - Direct Marketing & Non School Partners **”

“Catalyst +”

*Adaptive coaching model

**B:C channel focus will fluctuate based on seasonality

B2c update

Goals of our market tests

  • Gather evidence to address:

  • What size business could we grow B2C into?

  • With which marketing channel and sales strategy?

  • With which product / packaging / pricing / positioning?

  • What CPA can we attain (short and medium term)?

  • What investment would it require over what timeline?

  • PLUS:

  • Is the timing right for InsideTrack to invest more here NOW?

B2c marketing tests this year benchmark results hone messages packaging and pricing

B2C marketing tests this year: benchmark results, hone messages, packaging and pricing

April 1

January 1

June 1

September 1

Freshmen Transition Coaching

College Admissions Coaching primary focus

College Coaching secondary focus

Two phases of direct-to-student marketing tests

B2c update

Light test over the summer focused on freshman transition product

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Product

  • InsideTrack Membership:

  • Regular meetings with your College Expert

  • Our kit of 45+ tools and assessments

  • Access to our exclusive online tool

  • Price

  • Free college planning session

  • $94 / month, recurring charge

  • Place

  • Online: Learn more, purchase

  • Email: Learn more

  • Direct mail: Learn more

  • Phone: Purchase, learn more, receive service

  • Promotion

  • Facebook, Google

  • Email and direct mail to lists purchased from large public universities

  • Email and direct mail to affluent families

  • Friends and family

  • Parent leads from Zinch

  • Student leads from Alloy

B2c update

Key learnings from summer guide future testing

  • Marketing

  • Product

  • Not urgent need or well understood product

  • Price

  • Perceived value bigger barrier than cost

  • Place

  • Figuring out how to reach parents is key

  • Promotion

  • Need to enable for word of mouth / referral

  • Alignment with trusted brand

  • Sales

  • Need inside sales leadership to maximize opportunity

  • Are Coaches right fit for selling?

B2c update

To answer key questions, we are currently planning a tactical as well as research-based focus

  • Tactical + light research

  • We plan to focus here

  • Tactical

  • More sophisticated / multi-channel marketing tests

  • Stronger sales leadership and sales support

  • Light research

  • More in-depth market sizing

  • Additional parent focus groups

  • Interview parents/students who have purchased

  • Moderate investment in a consultant to outline business plan and deepen our insight into the opportunity and costs

  • Research-based only

  • In depth focus groups of parents for both products

  • Deep segmentation studies of parents for both products

  • Significant investment in a strategic business consultant to\deepen our insight into the opportunity

  • Research + large partnerships

  • Per above, plus pursue large, deep partnership opportunities such as Kaplan, Princeton Review, employee benefit programs, etc.

B2c update

A deeper and more sophisticated strategy for college admissions: target parents nationally and regionally, utilize network marketing, leverage trusted brands and generate word-of-mouth

  • National

  • Reach parents through trusted brands; leverage technology to demonstrate value; encourage WOM

  • Lead gen with trusted brands that have significant parent audiences (Zinch, FastWeb, etc.)

  • SEM, SEO

  • Banner advertising

  • Social media PR

  • Refer a friend

  • Regional

  • Reach parents through multiple marketing messages / touch points and encourage WOM

  • PR

  • Purchase targeted lists (direct mail, email)

  • Parent workshops with localized marketing

  • Test prep marketing partnerships

  • Network marketing test

B2c update

Our summer conversion funnel demonstrates the importance of starting with strong parent leads

Left voice-mail




Improving sales process will improve conversion. But even if doubled, our conversion number would only be 7%.

Conclusion: we are focused on getting leads that are more likely to purchase. May be easier for a product that is more well-understood.


B2c update

Online lead conversion strategy requires low CPL ($25) and stretch conversion goals (12.5%)

B2c update

Partnership / network marketing / ground strategy = longer lead time, larger investment to set up

B2c update

B2C strategy for Q3 and Q4

Our plan is to take two quarters to better assess ability to meet CPL and conversion rate targets for online strategy

B2c update

B2C strategy for Q3 and Q4

While laying groundwork for larger partnership opportunities, ground and network marketing

B2c update

B2C strategy for Q3 and Q4

If online tests demonstrate that stretch targets are unlikely to be met at this stage in brand awareness, we will shift investment to partnership, ground and network marketing in Q4.

B2c update

What would success from FY11 tests look like?

  • Our goal is to understand:

  • Which product / packaging / pricing / positioning has greatest velocity?

  • More about best channels for lead acquisition and best sales approach for closing leads

  • What CPA can we attain (short and medium term)?

  • Could this business be built without a large brand marketing investment?

  • Best case scenario:

  • Optimized CPA for high volume sales

    • Based on different lead gen tactics and lead sources

    • CPA in $250-$300 range that could be optimized later to $100

    • From lead sources that can be high volume

Pr efforts targeted at social media and parenting publications

PR efforts targeted at social media and parenting publications

  • National and regional publications

  • Pitched Chicago Tribune last week; favorable response and willingness to pitch our story to other editors

  • Regional parenting magazine publication: expected to run in February in Austin Family, Georgia Family, Houston Family

  • Pitching Family Circle Magazine for an April column on college prep as seniors are opening acceptance letters

  • Pitching NYT “The Choice” blog in January

  • Social media

  • Facebook updates and Twitter feeds to demonstrate depth to bloggers

  • The Old Schoolhouse - Confirmed product review. 90-100,000 parents.

  • SingleDad Blog – actively working w/them on a "Parenting Advice" article.

  • Connecting Women – blog talk radio with audience of 5,000 moms to host interview in February

  • Silicon Valley Moms (now merged with Technorati Women), pitching on a national article with a focus on the college essay.

B2c update

Launched improved landing page and product website – and adding live chat and phone tracking

  • SEM campaign focused on high-quality parent leads interested in college admissions coaching

  • Parent/student funnels + ability to trial instantly

  • Offer page integrated w/rest of site

  • Marketo, Sales Force, Google Analytics, SEM more tightly integrated

B2c update

Successful workshop for 16 parents held at East Bay high school. 3 purchased coaching.

Tactics to draw attendance: direct mail, door hangers, event postings, local parent communities, Craigslist

B2c update

Product Roadmap Q2 Progress

B2c update

University MarketingBoard of Directors, December 2010

B2c update

We are executing on our plan

  • Last Spring, we outlined a laser-focused top target strategy for FY11 to ensure that we would focus on:

  • A few large prospects

  • Weighted toward the adult market

B2c update

Our strategy is yielding results – we are close to closing large, marquee clients in each segment

B2c update

We are executing on our plan

  • We are:

  • Weighted toward large, adult-serving prospects in the pipeline

  • Realizing strong awareness in our top target list

  • We are not:

  • Spinning our wheels by having lots of conversations with small traditional prospects that like to talk but not buy

B2c update

Top targets engage with the brand regularly

  • FY 11 marketing campaigns have reached all 236 Top Targets

    • 231 TT schools have visited the website (88 visited within the quarter)

    • 1200+ individuals from 125 TTs have read our newsletter (500+ from 115 schools within the quarter)

    • 440+ individuals from 140+ TT schools opened/clicked campaign emails (180+ from 85+ schools within the quarter)

    • 60+ attended InsideTrack events (26+ within the quarter)

    • 62 TT schools had senior admins participate in 1:1 meetings with our sales team

B2c update

High touch approach drives deals to closure

Strategy sessions & role plays

Inside/field sales partnerships

Tailored Marketing

Secret Shopping

Influencer engagement

Detailed data gathering

Advisory board outreach

Executive outreach

Targeted emails

VIP Events

B2c update

Indicators of interest help prioritize outreach

B2c update

Formalizing our “Leadership Dinner Series”

A dinner event for higher education leaders

Engage in collegial conversation on issues of critical importance to university and student success

Share best practices with a group of 6 to 12 senior administrators and thought leaders

Discover unique insights from InsideTrack’s proprietary research

Enjoy fine dining in a private room at a local restaurant

DC – New York – Chicago – San Francisco – Boston - Philadelphia

B2c update

Leveraging “secret shopper” results

Sales Opportunities

Interest in our results is getting us in the door and attracting people to our dinners

1:1 Meetings

Group Discussions

Speaking Opportunities

Using the data as the basis for live event and webinar presentations

UPCEA (Adult & Professional)

APSCU (Private Sector)

Sales Tools

Creating a summary report to pitch for publication and slides for Sales and Client presentations



B2c update

New tools overcome “We could do this in-house”

B2c update

PR program provides “air cover”

Focused Messaging

Inserting ourselves into the national debate on college completion and leveraging special interest opportunities

Top Level – Graduation Crisis

SF, PDX, Regulation, Military

Media Training

Ensuring all of our spokespeople are on-message and effective handle the press

Key Executives

Coaches, Students, Advisors


Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Chronicle of Higher Ed, Inside Higher Ed

Popular Press

Trade Press

List penetration is resulting in fewer new opps

List penetration is resulting in fewer new opps

2011 Actual/Forecast/Plan:



B2c update

Adding sales tools for adult-focused programs

Video montage featuring Angela Duckworth, Muriel Oaks, Nick Allen, Saskia Knight, Gary Brahm

Coaching calls from Brandman, DeVry, Excelsior, Westwood

Most of ps opportunity is in pipeline already

Most of PS opportunity is in pipeline already

  • Breakdown of PS targets

  • 32 Targets (2000+ 4yr degree students)

  • 14 currently in pipeline

  • 2 on ice

  • 1 closed

  • 15 available to target

Largest programs (APOL, APEI, EDMC, CEC ESI, etc.) already in pipeline

Online programs key to near term ap growth

Online programs key to near-term AP growth

  • Breakdown of AP targets

  • 86 Targets (1800+ 4yr degree students)

  • 20 currently in pipeline

  • 7 on ice

  • 2 closed

  • 57 available to target

Some large online opportunities remain

Traditional market has highest number of available targets

Traditional market has highest number of available targets

  • Breakdown of TR targets

  • 103 Targets (largest public & private)

  • 18 currently in pipeline

  • 1 on ice

  • 84 available to target

Gaining traction with free pilot for a number of universities.Strategy and list may need to be revisited in January.

Marketing and lead gen deals will test a range of partners

Marketing and Lead Gen deals – will test a range of partners

  • College Search / College Apps/ Scholarships

  • For example:

    • Zinch

    • Groupon type buying partnerships – in process

    • The Choice NYT blog

    • USNews

    • FastWeb

    • Peterson’s

    • Unigo

    • ConnectEDU

    • University Parent

  • Parent audiences

  • For example:

    • GreatSchools

    • Education.com

    • Parenting blogs

We are poised to initiate partner marketing deals approaching kaplan and princeton review now

We are poised to initiate partner marketing deals – approaching Kaplan and Princeton Review now

  • College tours / College info sessions

  • College info session coordinators or college tour planners offer InsideTrack Coaching with sign up or a free trial to participants

  • In conversation with Slingshot

  • Reaching out to ecampus tours, CE tours, collegevisits.com

  • Test prep / tutoring

  • Leverage on the ground presence of test prep or tutoring centers to co-market college admissions coaching

  • Bundle college admissions coaching or intro coaching session in with online purchase of test prep

  • Bundle InsideTrack Coaching in with online purchase of tutoring

  • In discussions with Kaplan, Revolution Prep, Grockit, PrepME

  • Reaching out to Princeton Review

B2c update

Local event marketing strategy could be modeled after Kaplan test prep local marketing

  • One junior marketer, solely focused on local event marketing, relationship building with schools and universities

  • With a low annual budget – most of the investment to get attendees is through established communication channels and groups

  • 19 monthly sign ups from events would reach a target $300 CPA; 37 monthly sign ups would get us to $150 CPA

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