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Ccesd the pathway for learning about climate change its mitigation and adaptation strategies
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CCESD - the Pathway for learning about climate change , its mitigation and adaptation strategies. Dr Ravhee Bholah Senior Lecturer Mauritius Institute of Education. Mr Omandra Nath Varma , Director Mrs Sheela Thancanamotoo , Former Director Dr Anwar Rumjaun , Associate Professor

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Dr Ravhee Bholah Senior Lecturer Mauritius Institute of Education

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Ccesd the pathway for learning about climate change its mitigation and adaptation strategies

CCESD - the Pathway for learning about climate change , its mitigation and adaptation strategies

Dr RavheeBholah

Senior Lecturer

Mauritius Institute of Education

Mr OmandraNathVarma, Director

Mrs SheelaThancanamotoo, Former Director

Dr Anwar Rumjaun, Associate Professor

Mr MohunCyparsade, Senior Lecturer

Dr VelePutchay, Senior Lecturer

Mr Pierre Boullé, Senior Lecturer

Mr Chandra Padaruth, Senior Lecturer



  • MIE and its initiatives

  • Climate Change Education Projects

    • UNESCO CCESD Project

    • AAPCC

  • Way Forward

Mauritius institute of education

Mauritius Institute of Education

  • Founded in 1973

  • Arm of MOEHR

  • Only tertiary institution (state) on teacher Education in Mauritius

    • Range of training programmes

      • Certificate to PhD and D.Ed.

    • Development of Curriculum materials

      • NCF

      • National Textbooks

    • Research & Consultancy

    • Advise the GO on matters related to education

Esd initiatives of mie major projects

ESD initiatives of MIE: Major Projects

Regional Projects

  • ARPERGE Project- COI funded project

  • Poudre D’or Project - RECOMAP funded Project

  • CCESD Project

  • AAP Project

    National Projects

  • National School Compost

  • School Footprinting Project

  • Environmental Literacy Programme _ ADEA funded Project

  • EE Standard- SADC REEP funded project

  • Water Education - SADC REEP funded Projects

  • Le Morne Project

Studies and other Research Projects (e.g

Master’s thesis)

  • Research & Consultancies

  • National Capacity Needs Self Assessment for Global Management :Rep. of Mauritius

  • Education Communication Sustainable Lifestyles (ECSL)

    (Part of the Sustainable Consumption Production National Project)

Esd as connections strengthening partnerships links

ESD as connections: strengthening partnerships/links

Sids climate variability extreme event

SIDS: Climate variability & Extreme Event

Moving towards ccesd

Moving Towards CCESD

Policy: (MOEHR CC& DRR policy and preparedness plan)

Major mie initiatives on cce

Major MIE Initiatives on CCE

Unesco funded projects esd ccesd

UNESCO funded Projects(ESD, CCESD)

Situational analysis of esd at school level in mauritius unesco funded projects

Situational Analysis of ESD at school level in Mauritius (UNESCO funded Projects)

SITAN Report (2011)

Major Findings

Absence or very little coverage of CC related concepts in the school curricula.

Lack of appropriate climate change education (CCE) resources

fewer CCE extracurricular activities

need for appropriate training in CCE

Need for a proper structure or mechanism to empower the school managers to support their educators in CCE activities were also noted

Unesco prescribed pathway ccesd

SITAN (2011) led to CCESD (UNESCO) Project

UNESCO prescribed pathway: CCESD

A whole-school Approach to CCESD

Snapshot unesco cc material

Snapshot: UNESCO CC material

1. Content: different contexts + Range of CC + DRR related concepts

Skills for open-ended learning

Skills of information management

Skills for critical thinking

Skills for action

Skills for interaction

Futures-oriented skills

Personal skills

2. A variety of activities: stories, poems, case studies, projects, arts works, ...etc

2. Diverse Learning Approaches

  • Individual learning

  • Group Learning (interactive or cooperative learning) ...may involve milling

  • Experiential learning: learners go through a carefully crafted experience inside or outside the classroom (e.g field visits) before discussing and analysing what they have learnt. (2 forms: simulation games, role play activities)

  • Participatory learning :

    • sharing of ideas, experiences and perspectives

    • It is informed by the core values of human rights, peace and democracy and gives everyone a voice

    • Empower young people to contribute to social change

    • Variety and diversity in learning programmes

    • Whole-person learning.



Ccesd implementation programme

CCESD Implementation Programme

Ccesd implementation

CCESD implementation

School A

School B

School C


School D


Institute of Education



Ccesd implementation in mauritius unesco fundedproject

CCESD Implementation in Mauritius (UNESCO fundedProject)

Curriculum implementation research process

Curriculum Implementation Research Process

Africa adaptation project

Africa Adaptation Project

Systematic approach to aapcc

Systematic Approach to AAPCC

Development of resources mie aapcc project

Development of Resources: MIE AAPCC Project

A success story mauritius

A success story - Mauritius

  • CCESD (Dr S.Gokhool-Ramdoo and Dr K. Sukon Evaluation study)

  • With CCESD + AAP

    • we have been reached to 10,000 People

      ( mainly primary and secondary school school Inspectors, Managers (rectors + headmasters), Teachers, students and others (NGOs, people at community level)

    • Expecting multiplier effect

      • Trained teachers + learning resources on CCESD

    • Have developed capability at all levels to great extent

      • Academics, educators, youth and any citizen …social agents of change

      • School community as agents of change

Way forward

Way Forward

  • CCESD extended to other programmes

  • All resources be uploaded on the MIE website:

    • www.mie.ac.mu

Thank you

Thank you

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