Mis 3090 it for financial services
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MIS 3090: IT for Financial Services PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MIS 3090: IT for Financial Services. Bond Market Technology and Web Services. October 26, 2014. Bond Types. Agency (governmental) Mortgage-backed (see MBS) Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Pay higher rate than treasury bonds Sallie Mae riskier than mortgage backed (!) Municipal

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MIS 3090: IT for Financial Services

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MIS 3090:IT for Financial Services

Bond Market Technology

and Web Services

October 26, 2014

Bond Types

  • Agency (governmental)

    • Mortgage-backed (see MBS)

      • Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

      • Pay higher rate than treasury bonds

      • Sallie Mae riskier than mortgage backed (!)

    • Municipal

      • State, local governments and utilities

      • Free of federal and some state and local taxes

Bond Types (cont.)

  • Corporate – used to fund long-term projects

    • Riskier, so higher return

    • Convertible

    • Callable

    • Zero-coupon


  • Open outcry market located around auction pits

  • Electronic trading is available through e-cbot

  • Links to LIFFE as part of Euronext and Eurex

IT and APIs

Schwab issues periodic alerts as to new bond issues

self-service model

Auctions are announced

The government is acting as its own broker – there is no need for an intermediary in order for you to become an investor.

Bond Market Association

Information sources on bond types…

Don’t forget corporate bond…

Municipal bonds used to finance important ventures…

EDI, EFT, and Web Services

  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

    • Been around for ages; low tech

    • >100,000 businesses use this

  • Financial EDI – for exchange of payments

  • EFT – any transfer of funds via electronic means

    • Used by banks and government

Materials releases

price updates

Order Management

Purchasing Department



Shipping Department

Receiving Department

Shipping notices

Discrepancy reports



Accounts Receivable


remittance information


Accounts Payable



Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)



P. O.




What an EDI Invoice Looks Like…

EDI Implementation Conventions set the rules for the data stream

ST 810 means invoice

The Path to Web Services

  • Motivation: information must be shared across platforms

  • EDI

    • Relatively inflexible

    • Expensive to maintain

    • Mainframe-era, so what happens when servers appear?

  • Legacy systems were not designed to share data

  • ERP possibilities

    • Expensive

    • Error prone

    • Maintenance problems if one partner in transaction changes

  • Internet

    • Leverage the strengths of HTML



<m:language soap:mustUnderstand="0">en</m:language>

<m:currency soap:mustUnderstand="1">USD</m:currency>


<soap:Body xmlns:m="http://www.experian.com/">




<Name>William P. Wagner</Name>



<Issuer>First USA Bank N.A.</Issuer>





XML: Extensible Markup Language

SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol

Understanding the “Lingo”… (part 1)




WSDL: Web Services Description Language

UDDI: Universal Description, Discovery and Integration

Understanding the “Lingo”… (part 2)

  • What does Expérian do with this SOAP message?

    • WSDL – interprets what needs to be done and generates a SOAP response to the originator






<Vendor>Best Buy Inc.</Vendor>







For Next Class…

  • Read

    • FleetBoston case

    • Guest speaker Joe Leinhauser from JPMorgan

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