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Programs Divisions Organizations Groups

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Programs Divisions Organizations Groups - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Programs Divisions Organizations Groups. Programs & Divs & Orgs Oh, my!. Answers to life’s persistent questions: What is an Organization anyway? Why do I need programs & divisions? How do I create programs & divisions?. Organization is Fundamental .

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programs divs orgs oh my

Programs & Divs & OrgsOh, my!

Answers to life’s persistent questions:

What is an Organization anyway?

Why do I need programs & divisions?

How do I create programs & divisions?

organization is fundamental
Organization is Fundamental

Notice its prominent position on the main menu

organization what is it
Organization: What Is It?

Heavy-duty component of BVCMS

It helps you organize

More than just a class, roster, group, event, or list

It is not the people; more like a building

Contains people: Members and Visitors

Or just Visitors with no Members

Groups people that have something in common

Like an activity or an attribute

an organization with members
An Organization withMembers

Bible Study class

Recreation Team

Church Committee

Mailing List

Mission Trip Group


Certified Counselors

May have Meetings associated with it.

an organization without members
An Organization without Members

Worship Service

Fall Festival

Christmas Program

Easter Pageant


Should always have Meetings associated with it.

All of these allow you to track a Headcount Attendance for reporting as well as individual Visitors for Outreach.

recap attributes of organizations
Recap: Attributes of Organizations
  • May or may not have Members
  • May or may not have Meetings
  • Provides the means to track Visitors and their involvement
    • You add Visitors to a Meeting of an Organization
  • Provides both current and historical information
    • Current Enrollment - Members
    • Attendance - Members and Visitors
    • Previous Members

Dates and times…scheduled or ad hoc

Visitors…first-time or repeat


Volunteers…faithfulness in keeping commitments

Attendance…reporting, trends


Programs contain Divisions

One way you might think about Programs:

  • They identify types of ministries and their activities
    • Bible Study
    • Music
    • Recreation
    • Missions
  • They do not target categories of people based on age or stage of life

Divisions contain Organizations

One way you might think about Divisions:

  • Based on age or stage of life
  • Convenience…group Organizations together to:
    • Make it easy to run certain queries for communication
    • Make it easier for on-line registrations
    • Run certain reports
    • Add general flexibility
recap programs divisions organizations
Recap Programs, Divisions & Organizations

In this analogy…

A chest of drawers can represent a Program

It can have several/many drawers, which represent Divisions

Inside each drawer are many items, which represent Organizations