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1. Resources - example. 2. Ridiculous Patents - example. Hijacker injector . 3. Running Shoe. 4. Polar Bear fur and Jacket. 5. Example: self cleaning. 6. Example: velcro.

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Resources - example

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Resources example


Resources - example

Resources example


Ridiculous Patents - example

Hijacker injector

Resources example


Running Shoe

Resources example


PolarBearfur and Jacket

Resources example


Example: self cleaning

Resources example


Example: velcro

Velcroresulted in 1948 from a Swiss engineer, George de Mestral, noticing how thehooks of the plant burrs stuck in the fur of his dog

Resources example



Example: airplane wing design

Using a wind tunnel, researchers have found that the flipperof the humpback whale is a more efficient wing designthan the current model used by the aeronautics industry on airplanes. Engineers are working to apply the aerodynamic findings to future airplane and automotive design

Resources example


Example: Sharkskin

Engineers at Airbus have used the rough skin of the shark as inspiration in developing a striated foil coating for the wings of aircraft, a design which has resulted in six percent less friction and improved fuel efficiency.

Speedo® Fastskin® is the most technically advanced swimwear ever made. Unique fabric mimics a sharkskin with dermal denticles-tiny hydrofoils with V-shaped ridges that decrease drag and turbulence.

Researchers are using shark skin as a model for creating new coatings that prevent adhesion of algae and barnacles to boats. The new coating is modeled after sharks' placoid scales.

Use of resources biological


Use of resources: biological

GPS-Equipped Pigeons Enlisted as Pollution Bloggers

Pigeons carrying high-tech backpacks that contain pollution sensors, GPS units, and stripped-down cell phones have been enlisted to create accurate, detailed urban pollution maps. Now scientists are taking the concept of small, low-cost sensors all over the world for their air-pollution research.

Japanese boffins create scuttling cyber spies Cybernetically enhanced bugs have become a reality meaning that humanity may have more to worry about than the threat of AI-style robots taking over the world. Japanese boffins at Tokyo University are developing a 'robo-roach' remote controlled insect that could be used to carry a miniature camera and microphone. It would not be to make very small documentaries or make its own cockroach karoake either; robo-roach could be used in any number of environments ranging from searching through rubble for disaster victims to acting as a tiny spy in espionage missions.

Cockroaches make the ideal agent because they cannot be shot, poisoned or bribed and would be the only life form likely to survive a nuclear war.

Resources example


Resources example


“The significant problems that we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

Albert Einstein

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