Liven up your powerpoint presentation with music integration
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Liven Up Your PowerPoint Presentation with Music Integration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Liven Up Your PowerPoint Presentation with Music Integration. Adan Cortez III 08-01-09 EDTC 3332. Needs Assessment:.

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Presentation Transcript

Needs assessment
Needs Assessment:

  • Via an online survey it was established that many colleagues in the Education field used PowerPoint to create presentations. Of the colleagues surveyed 66% stated that they wanted to learn how to integrate mixed media applications to “Liven up” their presentations.

  • Most said that they only used PowerPoint templates and no other media in their presentations. Most all of the participants showed an interest in adding music clips to their presentations for added flair.

  • From the survey there is a need to train Education professionals how to mix music tracks to create audio clips for presentations. The software to be taught will be Virtual DJ mixing software.

Instructional goal
Instructional Goal:

  • Colleagues will create audio clips for PowerPoint presentations and also be able to insert those clips into a new PowerPoint presentation they have created.

Performance objectives
Performance Objectives:

  • Colleagues will use Virtual DJ to manipulate music tracks from a personal computer into audio clips

  • Colleagues will then insert those audio clips into a PowerPoint presentation they have created

Assessment of learning outcomes
Assessment of Learning Outcomes:

  • Colleagues will create an audio clip from music tracks of their choosing and correctly insert it into a PowerPoint presentation.

Learner characteristics
Learner Characteristics:

  • Colleagues are Educators ages 22- 65+ that give PowerPoint presentations at least once weekly that indicated, through an online survey, that they would like to learn how to integrate multimedia applications into their presentations. In that we will be learning how to use Virtual DJ mixing software and learn how to insert the music clips into a PowerPoint presentation.

Learning context
Learning Context:

  • On a web based training module colleagues will learn how to manipulate music tracks to create audio clips for their PowerPoint presentation. They will need the following resources: Internet Access, Virtual DJ Software, A personal computer with screen resolution of at least 1024 X 768 pixels, and music tracks.

Instructional strategies
Instructional Strategies:

  • Introduction:

  • I will introduce myself and the training module based on the online survey taken by the colleagues.

  • Goal: create audio clips for PowerPoint presentations

  • Objective: to use Virtual DJ mixing software to manipulate music media to create audio clips for PowerPoint presentations

  • The lesson will cover using familiarization of the software program, choosing songs, using PowerPoint, mixing songs in the program, creating PowerPoint presentations, choosing sections of songs to clip, saving clips, and adding clips to presentations.

Instructional strategies contd
Instructional Strategies Contd.

  • Presentation Information:

  • Introduce the program to the students using an online tutorial.

  • Begin by showing students how to open application then proceed with step by step instructions on how to manipulate the music tracks.

  • The students will test sample tracks to see if they work the way they would like

  • Summarize the steps of the lesson then proceed to conclude with the training preparing students for assessment

  • Assessment:

  • Students will create their own audio clips and introduce them into a PowerPoint presentation they have created.

Instructional resources
Instructional Resources:

  • Teacher : Computer, Virtual DJ software, internet access, recording software (Camstatia), PowerPoint, music tracks.

  • Students: Computer (Screen Resolution at least 1024 X 768 pixels), Virtual DJ software, Internet Access, PowerPoint, Music tracks,

Formative evaluation
Formative Evaluation:

  • Will be assessed through the use of a peer review where fellow co-workers will participate and provide feedback on the methodology of the training before module is applied to the workforce.


  • The purpose of this module is to cover how one can create music clips for presentations utilizing Virtual DJ music mixing software. Then this module will proceed by showing the audience how to insert their music clips into a PowerPoint presentation and how to use music to gain the interest of their audience.