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FORESHADOWING. What do you know about foreshadowing? Write it down! -I have never heard of it. -I have heard of it but don ’ t know what it means. -I think it means…. Types of Foreshadowing. Remember CAPE! C oncrete Foreshadowing A bstract Foreshadowing P rominent Foreshadowing

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What do you know about foreshadowing? Write it down!

-I have never heard of it.

-I have heard of it but don’t know what it means.

-I think it means…

types of foreshadowing
Types of Foreshadowing

Remember CAPE!

  • Concrete Foreshadowing
  • Abstract Foreshadowing
  • Prominent Foreshadowing
  • Evocative Foreshadowing
c oncrete foreshadowing
Concrete Foreshadowing!
  • These clues are not obvious until you look back!
  • Can you think of an

example in a movie

you have seen?

a bstract foreshadowing
Abstract Foreshadowing
    • Thoughts/feelings a character has or the way a character acts
    • A certain kind of music playing that hints at an upcoming event!
  • LISTEN! When you hear this kind of music in a movie, what might happen next?

p rominent foreshadowing
Prominent Foreshadowing!
  • The story starts out at the end and then goes back to the beginning, so you already know what is going to happen.
  • Has anyone read Twilight?

How is the beginning an example of prominent foreshadowing?

evocative foreshadowing
Evocative Foreshadowing
  • This kind of foreshadowing leads the reader on:
  • “Little did I know…”
  • “It all would not have happened if…”
    • Can you think of another way an author might phrase this?
give us just a taste
Give us just a taste!
  • PAIR/SHARE: Why do authors/writers use foreshadowing in their movies/stories?