Cell organelle
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Cell Organelle. Michael Ka yik Leung. A cell is like a Human Body. Because…. Nucleus is like Brain. Because the brain controls the body ,it same with Nucleus; the control center. Cell membrane is like Mouth.

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Cell Organelle

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Cell Organelle

Michael Ka yik Leung

A cell is like a Human Body


Nucleus is like Brain

Because the brain controls the body ,it same with Nucleus; the control center.

Cell membrane is like Mouth

Because the mouth can eat or foul out something and cell membrane regulates what in or out.

Cell wall is like a Bones

Because the bones support the body to keep up.

The cell wall is for the structure or support.

Endoplasmic reticulum is like a Blood

Because the blood go all the way in the body ,just like ER passages for proteins to move thru cell

Golgi apparatus is like a Intestines

Because it can push the waste out of the body and Golgi apparatus is packages and ships protein.

Mitochondrion is like a Heart

Because the heart can give the energy to the body just like the power house.(mitochondrion)

Vacuole like Water & Foods

Because they can give energy to the heart.

Ribosome is like a Muscle

Because the muscle con make the body be more stronger.

Animal cell :

Cytoskeleton (inside cell)

No chloroplasts

Can be any shape

Many ,small, vacuoles

Plant cell :

Cell wall (outer most covering)

Chloroplasts (photosynthesis

Usually square

1 large central vacuole

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