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The Garrulous Greek Family

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The Garrulous Greek Family - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Garrulous Greek Family.

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There once lived a gopher-giving, garrulous Greek family that went by the gassy names of Gus, the son, Garrett, the groggy father, and Ginny, the goggle – wearing grandmother who loved Genres’ ginger. They were very gullible and liked to grill greenheads in greasy gravy.


They were going to Guatemala with Garfield, a green Guanaco that had been living in a glade at Groovy Mountain, for the summer, and were just leaving their grateful home, Greece. They were having great fun gobbling away about garbage with their gobs, making the generous people around them grind their teeth.


On the ghastly plan their was a Greenbrier

plant that was gaunt as gum, a gothic cupboard

that gave out grouper sandwiches, and a

pile of gravy-grilled griskins, which were

greedily guttled down by the garrulous

Greeks, making them appear to be filled with gas.


The gutsy passengers were becoming angry

with the Greek family. They, after a great

deal of discussion, decided to play a trick on



Gus had a gooses gosling in his throat. He

felt like he was being watched, and he was.


It was a gruesome, goggle - wearing

Grizzly Bear, which seemed to have golden



Gus screamed, Garrett had fallen asleep,

and Ginny wanted her goggles.


Everyone on the the plane yelled, “ I hope

that that teaches you all a good lesson!”


For the rest of their griskin grabbing lives

they behaved with a great will and were liked

by everybody.