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“Physics Lists”

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“Physics Lists”. First Working Group Meeting. Mandate. Communicate with physics working groups to maintain the physics lists etc and their parameter settings updated to current

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Presentation Transcript
physics lists

“Physics Lists”

First Working Group Meeting

  • Communicate with physics working groups to maintain the physics lists etc and their parameter settings updated to current
  • Communicate with kernel working groups to make sure physics lists etc should be compatible with multithreading and other new features
  • Maintain the documentation, user guide, etc.
  • Communicate with example working groups to promote the proper use of updated physics lists etc.
  • Conduct physics performance monitoring and notice issues to relevant (physics) developers
  • Develop and maintain common tools for physics validation
  • Maintain the public web page of physics validation
  • Source: Proposal of creating Physics List Working Group
working group name
Working group name
  • We may choose our name, original proposal ‘Physics List’ reflects not all activities
  • Mandate also includes
    • Physics performance monitoring
    • Validation tools
  • Proposals?
    • Physics Lists and Validation Tools
    • Physics Lists and Tools
regular meetings frequency
Regular Meetings frequency
  • Frequency
    • bi-monthly
    • regular
      • Which day, when in month
plan of work
Plan of Work
  • See draft at
    • Finalize plan
    • Schedule work items per release or quaterly
  • Remarks:
    • How do we track progress
      • Geant4 Jira?
    • Consolidate code, less new or repetiton
      • E.g. two physics lists factories, no need for yaplf
      • Modular builds of G4
    • Documentation and web: user centric
prioritize work items
Prioritize Work Items
  • Development
    • Documentation, create & improve
      • User documents: create doc
      • Web pages, complete, consolidate, ….
    • Public web page for physics validation
      • Review web
      • Enhance tool used
    • References (histograms) for physics verification and regression testing
  • Ongoing activities
    • Physics performance monitoring
web p ages
Web Pages
  • Merge existing pages at Geant4 – Twiki
      • Linked from geant4->Validation
    • Validation(twiki)
    • Physics lists (link)
      • Including processes and cross sections catalogs
  • Into new page
    • Using this twiki?
reference histograms
Reference histograms
  • Wish to compare results to reference results
  • Reference results will change with time
    • Developer decides on new set of reference data
    • Keep references for some time, maybe variable
      • References of releases will be kept for years
  • Reference data may be binary, like root files
    • Svn (@cern) explicitely forbids binary (root) files.
  • Use indirection, svn only keeps ‘link’ to binary data accessible e.g. via URL