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Information Meeting for Students of GPS Thursday 18th of September 2014 WELCOME! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EXCHANGE STUDIES. Information Meeting for Students of GPS Thursday 18th of September 2014 WELCOME!. WHAT IS EXCHANGE STUDIES AND WHY SHOULD I APPLY FOR IT?. Exchange studies means that you study one semester abroad at one of our partner universities .

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Information Meeting for Students of GPSThursday 18th of September 2014



  • Exchange studies meansthatyoustudyone semester abroad at oneofour partner universities.

  • By studying a semester abroadyouwill:

  • Gain cultural experience

  • Gain academic experience

  • Increase your language abilities

  • Increaseyourworkopportunities

  • Meet new friends

Exchange information


List of available places at GPS:

(in English)

(in Swedish)

Please note! Not every university is applicable during each period!

Exchange information

  • Different types of

  • exchange agreements

  • Erasmus+ :Programme for studies within Europe.

  • Bilateral agreements:

  • Agreements with universities outside of Europe.

  • Linnaeus-Palme:

  • Programme for exchange within developing countries. These agreements also offer a scholarship of 25 000 SEK. Note! No placeswithinLinnaeus-Palme will be announcedthis semester.

  • Now, you can apply for:

  • Exchange places outside of Europe for the next academic year 2015/2016.

  • Extra exchange places within Europe for spring semester 2015. (places that were not filled from the spring 2014 announcement)


Exchange information


It is possible for students within the master’sprogrammeof International Migration and Ethnic Relations (2 years) to apply for exchange studies.This is the onlyprogramme on a master’slevel at GPS thatyoucancombinewith an exchange semester.

There is a special list ofavailableplaces for master students at our partner universitiesthat offer master levelcoursesto theirincomingexchange students.

As a student of the IMER master programme, youwill be able to findfurther information aboutexchange studies on yourIt's Learning page.

Exchange information


  • Be an active student at Malmö University: full-time or at least half-time studies.

  • Completed at least one year of full-time studies at Malmö University at the time

  • of the exchange (60 ECTS).

  • The applicant is a suitable candidate for studies abroad and is considered to be

    a good ambassador for Malmö University.

  • The studies abroad should be transferrable towards the student’s degree.

  • The study period should last for at least 3 months and has to be full-time


  • Required level of English or the language of the host institution.

  • The applicantshouldhavecompleted at least 75% of all coursesfrom the previoussemester, unlessthereare special circumstances for not meeting the

  • requirement.

  • By the timeofapplication to the partner university, the applicantshouldhavecompleted 75% of all coursesthat the student wasregistered for during the previous semester.

Exchange information


  • The student must also accept the following to be eligible:

  • After the exchange, complete an evaluation of the their experiences for the benefit of future students.

  • After the exchange, participate in exchange study information-sessions to share experiences.

  • For Erasmus+ students only: undertake two language tests – one before the exchange and one at the end of the exchange period.

Exchange information


  • What happens if many students apply for the same place?

  • If there are more applicants than the number of available

  • Places to a partner university we will compare the applications.

  • We will look at your:

  • Academic skills/merits

  • Personal motivation and suitability

  • Language skills

  • Ability to transfer the credits to Malmö University

  • Commitment in Malmö University’s international activities, for instanceMentoring programmes. Proof is required.

Exchange information

CanI applyeventhough I am not a Swedish citizen?

Yes! The onlyexception is for placeswithin the Linnaeus-Palmeprogramme in whichyouneed to be a Swedish citizen or have a Swedish Residence Permit for a reasonotherthan studies. Note! No placeswithinLinnaeus-Palme will be announcedthis semester.

In order to be qualified for an Erasmus+ Grantyouneed to be a citizenofoneofthe countriesparticipating in the Erasmus+ Programme or a national ofanother country and enrolled in a programme at Malmö University.


Exchange information

Can I apply for exchange studies even though I am not enrolled in a programme?

Yes! As long as you fulfil the general requirements. The exchange semester should be transferrable towards your degree at Malmö University, which means that you must attach a plan in which you describe how you are planning to eventually receive a degree from Malmö University.


Exchange information

Elective semester
Elective semester

If I am enrolled in a programme, which semester can I study abroad (semester and year) in the round for exchange studies 2015/2016?

You should preferably study abroad during your elective semester (for programmes that started autumn 2014):

Exchange information

Elective semester1
Elective semester

If I am enrolled in a programme, which semester should I study abroad (semester & year) in the round for exchange studies 2015/2016?

For students enrolled in programmes that started autumn 2013:

Exchange information


Detailedinformation meeting abouthowtoapply for exchange studies:

In English:

26thof Sep. at 12:15 in room D222 at Orkanen.

8th of Oct. at 10:15 in room C231 at Orkanen.

In Swedish:

25thof Sep. at 12:15 in room C127 at Orkanen.

6th Oct. at 12:15 in room HS U206 at the Fac. of Health & Society (the hospital area)

Study Abroad Fair:

24thof Sep. at 11:00-14:00 at Atriet, Orkanen.

(Information passes about the various partner universities).

Exchange information


  • Decidewhichuniversityyouwould like to study at: youcanselectup to 3 options.

  • Complete, print and sign a Movonlineapplication form.

  • Attachall supportingdocuments:

  • - CV

  • - Statement ofPurpose in English (motivation letter).

  • - Statement ofPurpose in eitherFrench, German, Spanish or Italian.

  • - Transcript ofRecords from Ladok(I will print this for you).

  • - StudyPlan.

  • Hand in application, 4 copies (1 original, 3 copies), before the deadline 15th ofOctober 2014. Personally, or in the box outsideroom 425, floor 4A, that is marked ”Applications for Exchange Studies”. It is VERY importantthatyoufollowtheseinstructions. Deadline is midnight. Note! Gäddan buildingcloses from 10 p.m. on weekdaysand is closed on weekends. If sent by post, make sure that the applicationreachesme at least the followingworkdayafter the deadline (16th October).

  • About 3 weeksafterthe deadline youwillreceive the result by post, therefore it is veryimportantthat the addressyou given inMoveonis a valid postal addresswith a namethatcorrespondswith the name on the post box/door (c/o). Otherwise the post will be returned!

Exchange information


  • Minimum language requirements for universities in Australia, North America and Asia:

  • VG in Eng B from Swedish Secondary School, alternatively English 6 with grade A, B or C;

  • or,

  • TOEFL/IELTS with a score that meets the host university’s requirements.

  • Some universities in Australia and Canada accept:

  • The Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).

  • Attach proof of this to your application. If you do not have the required qualifications you need to include a detailed plan of how you intend to meet the requirements. For instance, give dates and details of English courses and tests that you will take. You need to have a valid result at the beginning of the semester prior to your exchange.

Exchange information


  • If you are applying to a university in a Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian or French speaking country, and the language of instruction is not English, you have to submit either:

  • Documents supporting your proficiency in the language of that country. This can be a certificate from a language course or results from a language test.

  • If you do not have any such document, you can explain how you have learned the language and your level of proficiency in your Statement of Purpose. The exception to this is applications to universities in Latin America since they require official certificates.

Exchange information


How do I choose courses at the partner university?

  • It is your own responsibility to find proper courses.

  • Focus on the field that is relevant for your degree.

  • The Study Plan is not definite, but consider your choice carefully.

  • If there are any restrictions, you will find these on the list of the announced places.

  • If you cannot find a list of courses at the university’s website, at least state the Field of Studies. However, you should be able to find the course offer at most universities.

  • If the course offer for the next academic year is not yet listed, you may be able to look at the list of courses from last year.

Exchange information

Full time studies

Approximate credits for full-time studies at our partner universities (equivalent to 30 credits)



  • CSN: the financial aid depends on the living standard of the country. Find out more on

  • Insurance: Malmö University will offer youinsurance.

  • Ticket and Visa: youwillhavetoarrangethis by yourself. You must try to get information about the visa as soon as possibleafteryouhavebeennominated. Especiallyifyouarenot a Europeancitizen.

  • Transfer ofcredits: Afteryour semester abroadwewillreceivea Transcript ofRecordswithyourresults. The creditswill be transferred toyour studies at Malmö University.

  • Further information:

  • This presentation will be published on our website.

Exchange information

  • What if I want to study at a university that Malmö University has no agreement with?

  • You can become a so-called “freemover” and arrange your own studies. It will give you more options but:

  • Youneedtocollect all information by yourself

  • Youwill not be insured by Malmö University

  • Youmayneedtopaytuitionfees


Exchange information

You are welcome to visit me during the office hours in room 366, 3rd floorin Gäddan.

Mon 09.30-12.00


Tues 09.30-12.00

Wed 10.00-12.30

Thurs 09.30-12.00


Fri Closed

You can also send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Or call me at: 040 - 665 71 34

NOTE!I will be out of office

22 September - 5 October.

E-mail me during this time!


Exchange information



Maria Wennerberg, GPS