The problems with mummies
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The Problems With Mummies. Future Problem Solving Step One. The Situation

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The Problems With Mummies

Future Problem Solving

Step One

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The Situation

“Scientists at the Smithsonian have figured out that [their mummy] was a wealthy man who died more than 2,000 years ago. They also know that he had arthritis and bad teeth! What they haven’t figured out is how he died. There is no evidence to answer that question.”

He is claustrophobic l.jpg
He is Claustrophobic.

He never got a chance to carry a heffalump l.jpg
He never got a chance to carry a heffalump.

They didn t know how he died18 l.jpg
They didn’t know how he died. Francisco.

Take a time machine to the past.

He didn t have a dentist19 l.jpg
He didn’t have a dentist. Francisco.

Take a dentist in a time machine to the past.

O k no more time machines l.jpg
O.K. Francisco.No more time machines…

They had no pain medicine21 l.jpg
They had no pain medicine. Francisco.

Give him herbs.

He can t read books22 l.jpg
He can’t read books. Francisco.

Get him glasses.

People are afraid of him23 l.jpg
People are afraid of him. Francisco.

Make him


He is not very colorful24 l.jpg
He is not very colorful. Francisco.

Put him in the middle of a

paint ball fight!

He is claustrophobic25 l.jpg
He is Claustrophobic. Francisco.

Get him a bigger tomb.

He didn t win the face make over contest26 l.jpg
He didn’t win the face make-over contest. Francisco.

Enter him in another contest.

He never met lincoln27 l.jpg
He never met Lincoln. Francisco.

Tell him to get over it.

He never got a chance to carry a heffalump28 l.jpg
He never got a chance to carry a heffalump. Francisco.

Get him a gym membership.

The pizza delivery guy can t find him30 l.jpg
The pizza delivery guy can’t find him. Francisco.

Give him a GPS.

His brothers bob and joe are still alive and mining in san francisco31 l.jpg
His brothers Bob and Joe are still alive and mining in San Francisco.

I’ll let you come up with this one.

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Where the ideas came from: Francisco.Harrison’s 5th Grade FPS Team.Where the pictures came from: Microsoft Clip Art & Google Images