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Utah. by. State Symbols. State Nickname: The Beehive State. Geography. Utah is a mountainous state that also has vast deserts…. It has the huge Great Salt Lake…. Basic Facts. Capital: Salt Lake City Year of Statehood: 1898 Population: 7, 564, 234 (1990 census)

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State Symbols

State Nickname: The Beehive State


Utah is a mountainous state that also has vast deserts….

It has the huge Great Salt Lake…

Basic Facts

Capital: Salt Lake CityYear of Statehood:1898Population: 7, 564, 234 (1990 census)

Ethnic Composition             White:97%             Black:0.8   Asian:0.6       Hispanic:1.4%             Nat. Am.:0.2%

Utah has very little ethnic diversity in its population.

Basic Facts

Major Industries: Financial Services, mining, LDS church

Major Crops/Products: Wheat alfalfa, berries, honey

Tourist Attractions:Mormon Tabernacle

Zion National Monument



Utah is in the Southwest US, surrounded by Nevada, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

Utah is a state with many different landforms. It has large desert regions, tall snow capped mountain chains and beautiful canyons in its southern region


Utah was the home of many Native American tribes such as the Ute and Navajo tribes. The state’s name comes from the Ute tribe.

State Name

It was first settled by European Americans in the 1840’s when the Mormon religion decided to move there because they needed a place to practice their religion without being discriminated against or persecuted. They decided to settle in the Salt Lake City area under the leadership of Brigham Young.


Utah is a great state! Yada yada, etc, etc


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