Module 4 protecting your data
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Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage JumpStart: New Choices. Module 4: Protecting your data. Prabu Rambadran Sr. Product Manager, Server Infrastructure Rick Claus Sr . Technical Evangelist. PROTECTING YOUR DATA. Protecting your data.

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Module 4: Protecting your data

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Module 4 protecting your data

Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage JumpStart: New Choices

Module 4: Protecting your data

Prabu Rambadran

Sr. Product Manager, Server Infrastructure

Rick Claus

Sr. Technical Evangelist

Protecting your data


Protecting your data

Makes applications resilient to underlying hardware failures.

Provides low-cost, high availability solutions on cost-effective hardware.

  • Windows Azure backup.

Data protection manager.

Supports continuous availability across storage, networking, and Hyper-V.

Protects data across the stacks

File system enhancements.

Hyper-V replica and Hyper-V recovery manager.


Protecting your data1


Protecting your data

Windows Azure backup






Datacenter protection

Server and workload protection

Resilient file system and CHKDSK

Disk protection

File protection

Hyper-V replica

Data protection manager and Windows Azure backup

Storage spaces

System CenterData Protection Manager 2012 SP1 R2

Protecting files and directories file system enhancements


Protecting files and directories: File system enhancements

NTFS improvements

  • Rapid recovery from file system corruption without affecting availability

  • Data corruption virtually eliminated through allocate-on-write

  • Period checksum validation of file system meta-data

  • Seamless data integrity protection

Resilient File System (ReFS)


  • Seconds to fix corrupted data.

  • No offline time when used with CSV.

  • Disk scanning process separated from repair process.

  • Online scanning with volume and offline repair.

  • Rapid recovery from file system corruption without affecting availability.

  • Resilient against power outage corruption.

  • Periodic checksum validation of file system metadata.

  • Improved data integrity protection.

  • ReFS remains online during subdirectory reconstruction and knows where orphaned subdirectories exist andautomatically reconstructs them.

  • Ideal for file server volumes.


Source: “ESG Lab"

Disk resiliency with storage spaces


Disk resiliency with storage spaces


  • Data is striped across disks.


  • Data mirrored to a duplicate disk.

  • Two and three-way mirroring.

  • Mirrored configuration with clustering for workloads.


  • Data striped to all-but one of the disks. The remaining disk contains a checksum bit enabling data to be generated for a failed disk.

  • Parity with clustering for archives.

Continuous backup and protection for microsoft workloads


Continuous backup and protection for Microsoft workloads

System Center Operations manager

Active DirectoryHyper-VFile services

Disk-based recovery

Windows Azure backup

Up to every 15 minutes

System Center Data protection manager

Data protection manager disaster recovery (with offsite replication and tape)

Windows client

Tape-based backup

Protecting your workloads system center data protection manager 2012 r2


Protecting your workloads System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 R2




  • Optimized for Microsoft applications.

  • Quick item-level recovery for SharePoint and Hyper-V.

  • Supports Windows applications that use VSS writer.

  • Customizable XML files for other applications.

  • Unified disk, tape, and cloud data recovery.

  • Protection of clustered workloads.

  • Integration with WS 2012 technologies.

  • SLA-based alerting.

  • UNIX/Linux support.

  • Certificate-based protection.

  • PowerShell support.

  • Centralized monitoring and troubleshooting with OM.

  • Remote administration.

  • Role-based access.

  • Consolidated and categorized alerts.

  • Integration with other SC components

Hyper v replica


Hyper‑V Replica

Replicate Hyper‑V VMs from a Primary to a Replica site

  • Affordable in-box business continuity and disaster recovery

  • Configurable replication frequencies of 30 seconds, 5 minutes and 15 minutes

  • Secure replication across network

  • Agnostic of hardware on either site

  • No need for other virtual machine replication technologies

  • Automatic handling of live migration

  • Simpler configuration and management

Upon site failure, VMs can be started on secondary site

Once Hyper-V Replica is enabled, VMs begin replication

Once replicated, changes replicated on chosen frequency

Primary Site

Secondary Site

Initial Replica

Replicated Changes

CSV onBlockStorage

SMB ShareFile BasedStorage

Hyper v replica extended replication


Hyper-V Replica | Extended Replication

Replicate to 3rd Location for Extra Level of Resiliency

Replication can be enabled on the 1st replica to a 3rd site

Replication configured from primary to secondary

  • Once a VM has been successfully replicated to the replica site, replicacan be replicated to a 3rd location

  • Chained Replication

  • Extended Replica contents match the original replication contents

  • Extended Replica replication frequencies can differ from original replica

  • Useful for scenarios such as SMB -> Service Provider -> Service Provider DR Site

DR Site



Hyper v recovery manager


Hyper-V Recovery Manager

Orchestrate protection and recovery of private clouds

  • Protect important services bycoordinating replication and recovery of VMM-managed private clouds

  • Automates replication of VMs within clouds between sites

  • Hyper-V Replica provides replication, orchestrated by Hyper-V Recovery Manager

  • Can be used for planned, unplanned and testing failover between sites

  • Integrate with scripts for customization of recovery plans

Windows AzureHyper-V Recovery Manager

Communication channel

Communication channel

LOB cloud/Dev-test

LOB cloud/Dev-test


System Center 2012 R2

System Center 2012 R2

Hyper-V Hosts

Hyper-V Hosts

Replication Channel

Datacenter 1

Datacenter 2

Module 4 protecting your data

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