Chapter 21 Review

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Which process allowed citizens to place a measure or an issue on the ballot in a state election.. initiative. Many Americans believed which groups were becoming too large?. Trusts . Women from upper class and working class joined to form the

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Chapter 21 Review

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1. Chapter 21 Review

2. Which process allowed citizens to place a measure or an issue on the ballot in a state election. initiative

3. Many Americans believed which groups were becoming too large? Trusts

4. Women from upper class and working class joined to form the? National Woman Suffrage Association

5. The first state to allow women to vote was? Wyoming

6. Which process gave voters the opportunity to accept or reject measures that the state legislature enacted? Referendum

7. Unequal treatment because of race, religion, ethnic background, or place of birth is? Discrimination

8. Which amendment made it illegal to make, transport, or sell alcohol? Eighteenth Amendment

9. A popular term for up-to-date women who pursued interests outside the home was? New women

10. In many cities, local governments were controlled by? Political machines

11. Mexican American neighborhoods are called? Barrios

12. What allows voters to remove unsatisfactory elected officials from their jobs? Recall

13. Who was one of the founding members of the Society of American Indians? Dr. Carlos Montezuma

14. Which organization encouraged working women to form womens labor unions? WTUL

15. Theodore Roosevelt ran for the presidency in 1904, promising the people? A square deal

16. Who easily defeated the Democratic candidate for the presidency in 1908? William Howard Taft

17. What group of Americans did not face discrimination? White Protestants

18. What did William Howard Taft use to file lawsuits against corporations? Sherman Antitrust Act

19. What legislation regulated banking? Federal Reserve Act

20. Whose book led Congress to pass the Meat Inspection Act? Upton Sinclair

21. Which amendment provided for the direct election of senators? Seventeenth Amendment

22. Railroads were required to charge reasonable and just rates according to the? Interstate Commerce Act

23. What temperance crusader entered saloons and broke bottles and kegs with an ax? Carry Nation

24. The 1912 Bull Moose Party presidential candidate was? Theodore Roosevelt

25. The winner of the 1912 presidential election was? Woodrow Wilson

26. What gave Congress the power to tax peoples income? Sixteenth Amendment

27. Who founded the National Negro Business League? Booker T. Washington

28. What union and company owners were forced into arbitration by President Roosevelt? The United Mine Workers

29. What constitutional amendment gave women the right to vote? Nineteenth Amendment

30. Who published the names of people involved in a lynching? Ida B. Wells

31. What representative of the political machine controlled local jobs and services? Political Boss

32. Who were suffragists? Men and women who fought for womans right to vote

33. Who was Alice Paul influenced by? Suffragists in Great Britain

34. Under whose administration was the Federal Trade Commission created? Woodrow Wilsons

35. Why did Roosevelt want to end the coal strike? Because it was affecting the nation. Winter was approaching.

36. What is temperance? The movement to make alcohol illegal.

37. What is the passing of laws to prohibit the making or selling of alcohol? Prohibition

38. Who were the trustbusters? Roosevelt and Taft

39. Does laissez-faire describe Roosevelts approach to government? NO

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