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Learner Expectation. Content Standard: 14.0 EnergyThe student will investigate energy and its uses.Learning Expectations:14.1 Know that energy exists in many forms.14.2 Recognize the characteristics of light energy and sound energy.. In this activity you will:. Observe that light passes through

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Light Exploration

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1. Light Exploration Write On Grade

2. Learner Expectation Content Standard: 14.0 Energy The student will investigate energy and its uses. Learning Expectations: 14.1 Know that energy exists in many forms. 14.2 Recognize the characteristics of light energy and sound energy.

3. In this activity you will: Observe that light passes through some materials easily,some materials partially, and some not at all. Classify materials according to the way light passes through them.

4. Materials and Light There are three different types of materials that light will or will not pass through. Transparent Translucent Opaque

5. Transparent Light Materials that you can see through allow almost all of the light to pass through. Light is allowed through with very little bending or scattering of the rays of light.

6. Examples of Transparent Materials Clear glass Clean water Clear plastic

7. Question Why is transparent tape called transparent tape?

8. Answer You can see through it or light rays are allowed to pass through it. I can completely see my leftovers wrapped in transparent plastic wrap.

9. Translucent Materials Materials that allow only some light to pass through. Objects allow light to pass through, but they scatter the rays so much that you cannot get a clear view of what is on the other side. Examples of Translucent Materials Thin fabrics Frosted glass Thin paper

10. Question Why is wax paper translucent?

11. Answer You can see some light, but you cannot see through it. I can barely see my leftovers wrapped in wax paper.

12. Opaque Materials Light cannot pass through these materials.

13. Examples of Opaque Materials Brick Metal Thick paper Aluminum Foil Wood Stones

14. Quick Facts about Opaque Materials These objects will cast a shadow when lit up. Brick, metal, and thick paper stop light completely. This is why you cannot see your leftovers wrapped in aluminum foil!

15. Writing Activity Write a paragraph that includes a definition and example of transparent , translucent and opaque light.

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