Introducing the itm emphasis
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Introducing the ITM Emphasis. TC 800 Proseminar Department of Telecommunication. Basic Themes: Dual focus. managing comm. enterprises media firms information services providers network operators managing comm. technologies in all other types of organizations.

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Introducing the itm emphasis l.jpg

Introducing theITM Emphasis

TC 800 Proseminar

Department of Telecommunication

Basic themes dual focus l.jpg
Basic Themes:Dual focus

  • managing comm. enterprises

    • media firms

    • information services providers

    • network operators

  • managing comm. technologies in all other types of organizations

  • Examples core itm knowledge l.jpg
    Examples: Core ITM Knowledge

    • Industry Organization

    • Firm Organization

    • Service/product configuration

    • Underlying technological basis

    • Rules, policies influencing ability to use technology

    Effects of new media l.jpg
    Effects of New Media

    • new competitors

    • suppliers

    • intermediaries

    • distribution channels



    Slide5 l.jpg

    Effects of New Media

    • virtualization

    • alliances

    • distributed workforce



    Effects of new media6 l.jpg
    Effects of New Media

    • new ways to deliverexisting services

    • new serviceopportunities

    • new markets

    • changing customer behaviors



    Effects of new media7 l.jpg
    Effects of New Media

    • need for investment innew infrastructure

    • changing costs,capabilities



    Effects of new media8 l.jpg
    Effects of New Media

    • new entrants

    • new services

    • use of technology



    Itm and other emphases l.jpg
    ITM and other Emphases



    • focus on policy implications of IT

    • focus on audience/customer uses

    Slide10 l.jpg

    ITM and other Emphases



    • e-commerce development

    • Internet, new media development

    Multidisciplinary coursework l.jpg
    Multidisciplinary Coursework

    • Technical/Mgmt: 463, 465, 861

    • Economic: 852, 854

    • Mgmt/Org Studies: 458, 853, 863

    • Strategy, New Media Apps: 456, 462A-C, 862

    • Policy and Law: 410, 850, 890/891

    • Stats/Research Methods: 802

    • User Behavior/Social Impacts: 820

    Technology courses l.jpg
    Technology Courses

    TC 463: Network Design and Implementation I

    Description: Operation and management of common carrier, digital telecommunications systems. Digital telephony business planning and financial analysis for public telecommunication networks.

    TC 465: Network Design and Implementation II

    Description: Techniques for analyzing organizational requirements for voice, data and image communication systems.

    TC 861: Information Networks and Technologies

    Description: Survey of fundamental characteristics, components, standards and applications of information networks and services. Local and wide area network technologies, fundamentals of the Internet, and private network technologies and services from a management perspective.

    Economic courses l.jpg
    Economic Courses

    TC 852: Economic Structure of Telecommunication Industries

    Description: Economic aspects of telecommunication and information industries. Emphasis on market structure, conduct, performance. Content diversity, new technologies, recent regulatory policies, and antitrust.

    TC 854: Economics of Media Markets and Strategies

    Description: Conceptual tools and analytical perspectives on economic forces and incentives underlying structure, conduct and responses to new technologies in media markets.

    Management org courses l.jpg
    Management/Org Courses

    TC 458: Telecommunication Management

    Description: Theoretical and practical aspects of telecommunication management including case studies.

    TC 853: Information Technology and Organizations

    Description: Develops basic perspectives for analyzing the impact of information technologies on organizational structures, the allocation and performance of tasks within organizations, organization members, and organizational strategies and effectiveness, and relationships among firms in a market economy.

    TC 863: Electronic Information and Entertainment Media Management

    Description: Management, programming, advertising, and promotion issues in broadcast television, multichannel television, interactive television and Internet/broadband data service programming, advertising.

    Applications and strategy i l.jpg
    Applications and Strategy I

    TC 456: Multichannel TV

    Description: Television and Internet video in a multichannel/broadband environment; developments in cable, broadcasting, satellite, master antennae TV, direct broadcast satellite, multipoint distribution systems, telephone, internet and home video applications.

    TC 462A: Wireless Technologies and Applications

    Description: Technologies and services in the wireless telecommunications industry. Applications of wireless communications for voice and data communications, including cellular telephony and mobile data applications.

    TC 462B: Teleconferencing and Computer Supported Cooperative Work

    Description: Methods of teleconferencing including assessing requirements for teleconferencing, system design and implementation, and system evaluation.

    Applications and strategy ii l.jpg
    Applications and Strategy II

    TC 462C: Introduction to Electronic Commerce

    Description: Introduces the technologies, business models, and organizational and social implications of electronic commerce. Emphasizes the design of e-commerce sites.

    TC 862: Information Networks and Electronic Commerce

    Description: Design and management of electronic commerce strategies and telecommunication infrastructure. The impact of electronic commerce on organizations and society.

    Policy l.jpg

    TC 410: Advanced Telecommunication Policy

    Description: Policies towards information and communication industries in the network of networks of the information society

    TC 850: Telecommunication and Information Policy

    Description: Analysis of major public and private telecommunication and information policies. Applying concepts and data from law, political science, economics, communication, technology and general social science. Alias: TC 810

    TC 890/891: Telecommunications in Europe Study Abroad

    Description: Structure of the European telecommunications and information industries. Emerging developments in the European telecommunications market.

    Statistics and research l.jpg
    Statistics and Research

    TC 802: Research Methods in Telecommunication

    Description: Social science research methods in telecommunication and Internet services assessing the content, consumption and social effects. Design, sampling, data collection, analyses, presentation and ethics for content analysis, ethnographies, focus groups, case studies, surveys and experiments. Market research and segmentation including new product introductions. Alias: TC 876

    User behavior social impacts l.jpg
    User Behavior/Social Impacts

    TC 820: Introduction to Theory in Telecommunication,

    Information, Society

    Description: Introduction to classic and contemporary theories of communication with special emphasis on applications to telecommunication, new media, and technology.

    Curriculum structure l.jpg
    Curriculum Structure

    • Required: TC 800, 802 or Adv 875, 850, 852

    • ITM Specialization (any 3): 458, 820, 853, 854, 861, 862, 863

    • Electives

    • Either thesis or comp. exam

    Where itm grads work l.jpg
    Where ITM grads work

    • Telecom Operators

    • marketing

    • technical support

    • planning and strategy

    • account management

    Where itm grads work22 l.jpg
    Where ITM grads work

    • Media/Cable TV Companies

    • new media planning

    • marketing

    • franchise management

    • network planning

    • account management

    Where itm grads work23 l.jpg
    Where ITM grads work

    • Large Telecom Users

    • IT/MIS management

    • systems analysts

    • network planning

    • e-commerce planning

    Where itm grads work24 l.jpg
    Where ITM grads work

    • Consulting Firms

    • IT consultants

    • network planning

    • e-commerce planning