Data mining opportunity and challenge
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Data Mining - Opportunity and Challenge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Data Mining - Opportunity and Challenge. Chair - Al Holm Scribe - Steve Beckwith .ppt - Chuck Pullen Fly on Wall - Lee Anne Willson John Good Bill Dillon. Concept Summary.

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Data mining opportunity and challenge
Data Mining - Opportunity and Challenge

Chair - Al Holm

Scribe - Steve Beckwith

.ppt - Chuck Pullen

Fly on Wall - Lee Anne Willson

John Good

Bill Dillon

Concept summary
Concept Summary

  • Organized data mining may offer a new way for AAVSO to serve the professional astronomy community while encouraging new membership and new life for some existing members.

  • Some changes to existing data collection and management would be needed.

  • Entwined with entire concept of data quality of visual observations.

The promise of data mining
The Promise of Data Mining

  • Activity for beginner to advanced member

  • Requires no telescope or observations

  • Analysis desperately needed, in both AAVSO and other data sets

  • May appeal to new types of “observers”

The peril of data mining
The Peril of Data Mining

  • Requires infrastructure

  • Infrastructure = $

  • Requires Training

  • Training = $

  • Requires evaluation of AAVSO data quality

  • Evaluation = pain!

Concept overview data enhancement
Concept Overview- Data Enhancement

  • Existing data base needs to be upgraded to “validated”

  • Rapid, machine-based screening of data necessary to keep interest

  • Some measure of data quality necessary, on both visual, PEP and CCD data.

  • Vol. archival of FITS CCD frames, with pro level header data, important for NVO (more later).

Concept overview infrastructure
Concept Overview - Infrastructure

  • Cross platform, free to user, validated software, from simple educational level to high quality analytical .

  • Multi level query

  • Rapid access to new data, perhaps with quality flags

  • In depth training - quantum enhancement of HOA

Concept overview marketing
Concept Overview- Marketing

  • Who are the miners?

  • Recruit via the web, non-astronomy based technology media, Sci. Amer., [email protected] example

  • Be inclusive of diverse levels, 4th graders to PhDs, but be wary of results.

  • Define goals and recognize work.

Concept overview clients
Concept Overview - Clients

  • Who uses the output?

  • Members

  • Scientific Community

  • Educators

  • The curious...

What about the mass of unevaluated survey data
What about the mass of unevaluated survey data?

  • Data analysis starts at home

  • If we build it - they will come

  • Perfect our system in house first, then invite others to join us.

Potholes on the info super hwy
Potholes on the Info. Super Hwy.

  • Interest?

  • Funding (NVO funds possible)

  • Sociopolitical

  • Data flow constrictions (CCD Images)

  • Automation of data quality evaluation


  • Develop working group to consult.

  • Combine efforts with overall NVO participation.

  • Update HOA to reflect new opportunities

  • Prepare for change…


AAVSO’s mission to promote the science of variable stars requires, in addition to the collection of data, using an integrated suite of database design/upgrade, software, and training for data analysis.

Ccd film data archival
CCD/film Data Archival

  • Important future contribution

  • Well within goals of AAVSO

  • Separate but related with data mining

  • Address as part of NVO