Chapter 26 section 4 two nations live on the edge
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Chapter 26 – Section 4: Two Nations Live on the Edge PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 26 – Section 4: Two Nations Live on the Edge. v s. Progression of Nuclear Technology. United States detonates H-Bomb in November of 1952 Soviets detonate their H-Bomb in August of 1953 The Nuclear Arms Race now starts Make as many “bombs” as fast as you can.

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Chapter 26 – Section 4: Two Nations Live on the Edge

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Chapter 26 – Section 4:Two Nations Live on the Edge


Progression of Nuclear Technology

  • United States detonates H-Bomb in November of 1952

  • Soviets detonate their H-Bomb in August of 1953

  • The Nuclear Arms Race now starts

    • Make as many “bombs” as fast as you can

The Policy of Brinksmanship

  • Eisenhower is POTUS in 1952

    • John Foster Dulles is his Secretary of State

  • Felt we could stop the spread of communism by promising use of force

  • Brinksmanship is being prepared to go to the brink of an all out nuclear war

  • Schools now practice air-raid drills

    • People build bomb and fallout shelters

Massive Nuclear Retaliation

  • Ike proposes a “new look” policy of containment

    • Relies on massive retaliation

  • We now start testing “bombs” like crazy

  • Nuclear buildup has economic roots

    • Nuclear proliferation is cheaper

  • Other countries get in on the nuclear game

    • France and Great Britain

What is MAD?

  • MAD is mutually assured destruction

  • If both sides attack with nuclear weapons there will be no victor

    • Only widespread destruction

  • Emerges from the ideas of deterrence

    • If the only option is MAD we won’t use “bombs”

  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Nuclear Accidents Abound

  • In April of 1950 a B-29 crashes with a “bomb”

  • In March of 1956 a B-27 crashes into the sea with a “bomb”

  • In 1958 an atomic bomb slips out of a B-47 and crushes a house

    • Similar event in New Mexico with an H-Bomb

  • We now begin to question our policies

    • Are brinksmanship and MAD good ideas?

Thinking the Unthinkable

  • In 1960 Herman Kahn writes Thinking about the Unthinkable

    • Nuclear war is winnable

    • We must accept losses of 40 million people

    • Stock an underground system with elite people

  • Other groups challenge the testing of “bombs”

    • Finding elevated radioactivity in babies teeth

Eisenhower and the CIA

  • In Iran in 1951 Mossadegh nationalizes oil

  • Britain stops buying their oil

  • CIA gives millions to pro-Shah supporters

  • In Guatemala in 1954 land is redistributed

  • CIA trains an army and invades

  • Guatemalan army refuses to defend president

The Warsaw Pact and Geneva

  • Tensions thaw a little after Stalin’s death

  • Tensions freeze again when West Germany is allowed to rearm

  • USSR and seven countries form the Warsaw Pact

  • Eisenhower meets with Soviet leaders at Geneva

    • He proposes an “open skies” policy

  • Policy rejected but seen as a step towards peace

Israel: Creating a New Nation

  • Nation of Israel is created from Palestine

    • Gave Jewish people their holy land

  • One of the few issues we agree with Soviet Union on

    • Both saw the horrible tragedies of the Holocaust

  • Angered Palestinian Arabs and Muslims

    • Still see this tension today

The Suez War

  • In 1955 Egypt wants to dam the Nile

  • Nasser of Egypt plays both USSR and USA

  • Dulles pulls our money when he finds out

  • Nasser nationalizes the canal

  • Refused to let Israeli ships through

  • UN gets involved to stop the fighting

  • Egypt retains control of the Suez Canal

Revolt in Hungary!

  • An uprising breaks out in Hungary in 1956

    • Led by Imre Nagy

  • The Soviet response is quick and brutal

    • November 1956

    • Kill 30,000 Hungarians

  • What about the Truman Doctrine?

    • Didn’t apply to ridding communism from satellite states

Space: The Final Frontier

  • Nikita Khrushchev will seize power in USSR

    • Peaceful coexistence

  • Soviet Union jumps to an early space lead

    • Sputnik is launched in October of 1957

  • United States now throws money at NASA

    • Launch our first satellite on January 31, 1958

  • Fund education in math and sciences

Cold War Takes to the Skies: The U-2 Incident

  • “Open skies” policy had been rejected

  • We fly secret, high altitude missions of USSR

    • We use the U-2 plane for this

  • Soviets had been aware of our flights since 1958

    • Lacked the technology to stop them

  • Ike wishes to stop the flights

    • Upcoming summit with Khrushchev

Cold War Takes to the Skies: The U-2 Incident

  • May 1st, 1960 – Gary Francis Powers is shot down

    • Shot down by a surface to air missile

  • Parachutes to the ground and is captured

    • Sentenced to ten years in prison in USSR

    • Released in prisoner exchange in 18 months

  • Eisenhower denies that we were spying

    • Says we were studying the weather

    • Eventually admits it but refuses to apologize

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