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Epidermis. Dermis. Hair. Nails. Skin Diseases Act I. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 30 pt. 30 pt. 30 pt. 30 pt. 30 pt. 40 pt. 40 pt. 40 pt. 40 pt. 40 pt. 50 pt. 50 pt. 50 pt. 50 pt. 50 pt.

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Skin Diseases

Act I

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

30 pt

30 pt

30 pt


30 pt

40 pt

40 pt

40 pt

40 pt

40 pt

50 pt

50 pt

50 pt

50 pt


The epidermis is composed of this primary tissue type.

What is epithelial tissue?

The outermost 20-25 skin layers of the epidermis are considered to be the

What is the stratum corneum?

Skin cells divide in this deep layer of the epidermis

What is the stratum basale?

Forming as a result of too much friction, this structure is a thickening of the stratum corneum often found on the palms of the hands or the heal of the foot.

What is a callus?

Epidermal cells fill with this protein as they grow towards the skin’s surface.

What is keratin?EC – What is this process called?

Primary tissue type that makes up the dermis.

What is connective tissue?EC – Can you name the predominant connective tissue and/or the primary proteins making up the extracellular matrix of the dermis?

Other than dense connective tissue, name another type of connective tissue that would be found within the dermal layers.

What are blood vessels/blood?

These structures within the dermis jut up into the epidermis with the purpose of providing nutrients and oxygen to the superficial layers of the epidermis

What are dermal papillae?

In the picture above, this number represents the dermis.

What is #2?

Often found in pregnant women, these abnormalities in the skin result from damage to the dermis that can be seen through the epidermis.

What are stretch marks?

This is the portion of the hair that extends above the surface.

What is the hair shaft?EC – Is this tissue living or dead?

This is the portion of the hair that is located beneath the surface of the skin.

What is the hair root?

Seen above, this is the the origin and production site of hair. .

What is the hair bulb?

Indicated by #5, this portion of the hair serves as an envelope of sorts and aids in tissue repair as well.

What is hair follicle/hair follicle wall?

This is the real pigment responsible for natural hair color.

What is melanin?

Indicated by #1 above, this is the large, pinkish portion of the nail.

What is the nail body?

Indicated by #2 above, this is the moon-like, white portion proximal to the nail body.

What is the lunula?

This structure is composed of dead stratum corneum and extra-hard keratin.

What is the nail itself?

This is the place within the nail that is the origin of growth.

What is the nail matrix?

This is the term given to the layer of living tissue upon which the nail rests, pun intended.

What is the nail bed?

A very common skin disease affecting adolescents, it is usually caused by overaction of hormones at puberty.

What is acne?

Seen above, this skin irritation is caused by a fungal infection and usually results in a circular patch of itchy, raised, red skin.

What is ringworm?

Caused by the human papilloma virus (there is an STD caused by a similar virus), this skin condition is contracted by contacting a contaminated surface or infected person.

What are warts?

Typically affected school-age children, this skin disease causes blisters all over the body along with fever, headache, stomach ache and loss of apetite.

What is chicken pox?

A cousin of chicken pox, this is a very painful mainly because it can damage nerve cells.

What is shingles?

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