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Bonneville Power Administration - Pumped Storage Evaluation Northwest Hydroelectric Association Meeting Feb 24, 2011. Reclamation’s John W. Keys III Pump Generating Plant at Grand Coulee. Pump-Generating Plant. Lake Roosevelt. Pipe to the Feeder Canal and Banks Lake.

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Bonneville Power Administration - Pumped Storage Evaluation

Northwest Hydroelectric Association Meeting Feb 24, 2011

Reclamation’s John W. Keys III Pump Generating Plant at Grand Coulee

Pump-Generating Plant



Pipe to the

Feeder Canal

and Banks Lake

Energy storage for support of wind integration
Energy Storage for Support of Wind Integration

  • “I want to assure you the Administration places a priority on improving the Nation's capabilities to integrate renewable resources into its electricity supply. I support the full exploration of pumped storage potential in the context of providing necessary intermittent renewable integration services. Pumped storage has unique potential in the Pacific Northwest where a higher percentage of wind generation has already been integrated into the region's transmission system than anywhere else in the Nation.”

    • U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, in a letter to the Governors of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana; July 10, 2009

  • The Northwest Power and Conservation Council draft 6th Power Plan points out that pumped storage is one of the few storage concepts with “bulk” storage potential.

  • BPA’s draft Resource Program considers that pumped storage could provide BPA with a unique opportunity to return flexibility to the Federal hydro system.

“Accurate Scheduling Model”

Actual accumulated generation imbalance

Pumped storage evaluation overall plan
Pumped Storage Evaluation – Overall Plan

Summer-Fall 2009

Fall 2009 - Present

Hdr dta report
HDR/DTA Report

Hydroelectric Pumped Storage for Enabling Variable Energy Resources within the Federal Columbia River Power System

Recommendations and Suggested Next Steps:

  • Model Development - Develop Tools to more accurately assess the capabilities of pumped storage to enable the integration of higher levels of variable generation in the FCRPS.

  • Keys Pump-Generating Plant - Pursue Equipment Modernization and Upgrades

  • Greenfield Project – Continue evaluation of a greenfield pumped storage project

  • Regional/National Communication – Pursue regional collaborative evaluation of a greenfield pumped storage project

  • Pumped storage has significant potential in the Pacific Northwest…

  • Keys Pump-Generating Plant is underutilized and with modernization and potential upgrades can be a near term resource for wind integration.

  • Grid scale energy storage would be a valuable asset for long term expected levels of wind in the future.

Bureau of Reclamation

  • Technical Service Center

  • John W. Keys III Pump Generating Plant, Columbia Basin Project

  • Special Report

  • October 2009

  • Appraisal Level Technical Evaluation for Modernization of John W. Keys III

  • Pump Generating Plant, Columbia Basin Project

  • Phase II Planning Study

  • February 2011

Funding Agreement for Evaluation of Keys Pump-Generating Plant Modernization signed by BPA and Reclamation on June 15, 2010

John w keys iii pump generating plant
John W. Keys III Pump Generating Plant

Original installation in 1951

six 50 MW pumping units

Upgrade in 1973

two 50 MW pump/generators


Upgrade in 1983-84

four 53.5 MW pump/

generators installed

Current Capacity

Pumping – 12 Units 614 MW

Generating – 6 Units 314 MW

Keys pump generating plant assessment
Keys Pump-Generating Plant Assessment

USBR Technical Service Center and HDR Recommendations Under Evaluation:





Unit Controls and Protection

PG Phase Reversal Switches

Pump Motor Disconnect Switches

PG7 & 8 Wicket Gate Operating Mechanism Improvements

Main Step-up Transformer & Transformer Disconnect Switches

Station Service Upgrades

Miscellaneous Balance-of-Plant refurbishment

Estimated Cost $85-$145M

Upgrade of Pump-Generator Units 7-12

Preference is to increase the operating head range of the PG units

Secondary goal is to increase Capacity (a 20% increase would result in pumping capacity – 660MW, generating capacity – 360MW)

Estimated Cost $80-$140M

Other potential solutions for integrating wind
Other Potential Solutions for Integrating Wind

  • Transmission additions to reach/blend diverse wind projects

  • Generators self supply balancing reserves

  • Continued scheduling improvements

  • Explore virtual Balancing Area consolidation

  • Enhanced storage capability:

    • Batteries

    • Pumped storage

    • Compressed air

    • Flywheels

    • Plug-in electric vehicles

  • Conservation

  • Demand response

  • Smart Grid applications

  • Purchase balancing reserves from a third party

Wayne Todd

Bonneville Power Administration

[email protected]