monroe s motivated sequence
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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. How to Write an Effective Persuasive Essay. The Motivated Sequence. By following the normal processes of human thinking, this organization structure motivates an audience to respond affirmatively (agreeably) to the speaker’s purpose. 1. The Attention Step.

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monroe s motivated sequence

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

How to Write an Effective Persuasive Essay

the motivated sequence
The Motivated Sequence

By following the normal processes of human thinking, this organization structure motivates an audience to respond affirmatively (agreeably) to the speaker’s purpose.

1 the attention step
1. The Attention Step

Get the attention of your audience.

Relate to the audience

Show importance of the topic

Make a startling statement

Arouse curiosity or suspense

Humorous anecdote (story/tale)

Tell a dramatic story

Pose a rhetorical question (without using “you”)

Using visual aids for illustration

2 the need step
2. The Need Step

Describe the problem and make your audience feel a need for change

Clear concise statement or description of the need or problem (topic sentence).

Second-strongest statement and explanation

Third-strongest statement and explanation

Strongest statement and explanation

Convince your audience that this issue directly affects their health, happiness, security, or other interests.

3 the satisfaction step
3. The Satisfaction Step

Present your plan/solution and show your audience how it will work

You can use the following techniques (choose one):

Briefly state the action/change you wish your audience to adopt

A complete concise explanation of your plan

Actual examples showing that this plan has worked effectively, and it’s a practical solution

4 the visualization step
4. The Visualization Step

Intensify the audience’s desire for your plan by helping them visualize it. Use vivid imagery to help readers visualize how they will profit from your plan/policy.

Positive method: describe conditions as they will be in the future if your solution/call to action is carried out.

Negative method: describe the adverse (unfavorable) conditions that will prevail if your plan is not carried out.

5 the action step
5. The Action Step

Make a call for action. Tell your audience exactly what you want them to do NOW and exactly how to do it. You want them to take IMMEDIATE action.

A challenge or appeal

A quotation

An illustration

Don’t make your this paragraph too involved. You want it to be easy for your audience to do RIGHT NOW!