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My life treasures
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My life treasures. name: Judy. class:702. number:23. teacher:Tiffa. What are they?What do they look like?. My life treasures are hair ornaments . They have different kinds of forms. One is cat shape. And another is panda shape. The other is rabbit shape. They

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Class 702

My life treasures

name: Judy




Class 702

What are they?What do they look like?

My life treasures are hair ornaments.

They have different kinds of forms.

One is cat shape. And another is panda

shape. The other is rabbit shape. They

are very useful. I feel more confident when

I use them.

Class 702

What can they do?

They can tie a pony tail on my head.And also can braid my hair. Then, I look more powerful.

Class 702

How to use them?

First, use a rubber band to fasten your

hair. And then tie the hair ornaments on your


Class 702

Why they are so meaning to you?

When I use them, I always feel confident.Sometimes when the weather is hot. I will use them. They are my life treasures. They are really meaningful to me. And whenever I use them, I feel powerful. They

are incredibly important to me.

Class 702

Where and when did you get them?

Who gave them to you?

I got them on my birthday at home. My mother bought them for me. She bought them at the market. This was the first time that she bought the hair ornaments for me.

Class 702

What will you feel if you lost them?

I will feel depressed and lose my power. If I lose them, I will feel diffident. I can’t tie my hair, so my hair will be messy. And it is inconvenient to do everything. They are my favorite. I can’t lost them!


Class 702


-Indispensable thingsin life

-comb (if I don’t have it I can’t tie my hair)

-hair clips

-hair ornaments

Class 702

Thank you, Mom

I want to thank my mom for giving me such a good present. When I was little, my mother always helped me to tie a pony tail.

I like them very much, and I will cherish them.

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