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مارك إدورد وودوارد Mark Edward Woodward MSc MIFireE MIFPO MIE MISM LCGI Aerodrome Inspector - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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مارك إدورد وودوارد Mark Edward Woodward MSc MIFireE MIFPO MIE MISM LCGI Aerodrome Inspector Rescue & Fire-Fighting Service & Emergency Management . Aerodrome Emergency Service 2010 Responses . AES Responses 2010 . AES Responses 2010 . AES Responses 2010 . Integrated Training .

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مارك إدورد وودوارد

Mark Edward Woodward


Aerodrome Inspector

Rescue & Fire-Fighting Service


Emergency Management

Integrated training
Integrated Training

Operational Relationship

Integrated training1
Integrated Training

Aerodrome Integration

Integrated Safety Management Systems

Integrated Emergency Plans

Integrated Procedures

Integrated Operations

Integrated Training


Integrated training2
Integrated Training

CAR Part 8

Air Navigation Regulations

CAR Part 11 Aerodrome Emergency Services,

Facilities & Equipment

CAR Part 9

Aerodrome Regulations

CAR Part 10 Safety Management Systems


Integrated training3
Integrated Training


Safety Training :- The Organization shall, as part of its safety promotion

activities, develop and maintain a safety training programme and

communication activities that ensure that personnel are trained

and competent to perform their SMS duties.

Integrated training4
Integrated Training


  • Training and Education

    • All staff should receive safety training as appropriate for their safety responsibilities. In particular all, OperationalStaff, Managers, Supervisors, Senior Managers and the Accountable Manager. should be trained and be competent to perform their SMS duties.

  • (b) Operational Staff ‐ Operational staff should have an understanding of the organization's safety policy and an overview of the fundamentals of SMS.

  • (c) Managers and Supervisors ‐ Managers and supervisors should understand the safety process, hazard identification,risk management and the management of change.

Integrated training5
Integrated Training


  • Training and Education

    • Senior Managers ‐ Senior Managers should understand organizational safety standards, safety assurance and the regulatory requirements for their organization.

  • (e) Accountable Manager ‐ The Accountable Manager should have an awareness of SMS roles and responsibilities, safety policy, SMS standards and safety assurance.

Integrated training6
Integrated Training


  • Safety Audits are used to ensure that the structure of the SMS is sound in terms of:

    • adequate staff levels;

  • (b) compliance with approved procedures and instructions; and

  • (c) level of competency and training to operate equipment and facilities and maintain their levels of performance.

Integrated training7
Integrated Training

What is Integrated Training?



Integrated:- Combining or coordinating

separate elements so as to

provide a harmonized approach.

Training :- The process of bringing a person,

to an agreed standard of

competency, by practice and instruction.

Integrated training8
Integrated Training

What is Competency ?

Competence:‘The ability to apply knowledge, understanding and skills in performing to the standards required in employment.

Integrated training9
Integrated Training

Training Needs Analysis ?

Training Needs Analysis: A training needs analysis will identify both the underpinning knowledge & understanding and the practical skills required to carry out the tasks/function required by personnel in relation to their role.

Integrated training10
Integrated Training

Training Frequency Analysis (4-Areas)

1, Change:- Does the subject/skill change much overtime?

2, Complexity:- How difficult is the subject /skill?

3, Repetition:- How often is the subject/skill practiced in normal work activities?

4, Risk:- What are the consequences of poor performance?

Integrated training11
Integrated Training

Learning Cycle

Training Needs











Integrated training12
Integrated Training

CAR PART 10 Safety Management Systems

EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLAN The Organization shall develop and maintain, or coordinate, as appropriate, an emergency response plan (ERP) that outlines what actions are to be taken following an accident or an emergency situation.

Integrated training13
Integrated Training


Aerodrome Emergency Service, Facilities & Equipment

An Aerodrome Emergency Plan shall be established at an aerodrome, commensurate with the aircraft operations and other activities conducted at the aerodrome.

Integrated training14
Integrated Training


Aerodrome Emergency Service, Facilities & Equipment

  • The Aerodrome Emergency Plan shall:

  • Provide for the coordination of actions to be taken in an emergency occurring at an aerodrome or in its vicinity; and

  • Observe Human Factor principles to ensure optimum response by all existing agencies participating in emergency operations; and

  • Include procedures for leading passengers, evacuated from aircraft, to secure areas away from the scene of an incident; and

  • Include procedures for the safe control of passengers evacuated airside from a terminal or other airport building.

  • Integrated training15
    Integrated Training

    Aerodrome Integrated Emergency Plan

    The aerodrome emergency response plan shall be assessed by conducting:

    1. A full-scale aerodrome emergency exercise at intervals not exceeding two years.

    2. Partial emergency exercises in the intervening year to ensure that any deficiencies found during the full-scale aerodrome emergency exercise have been corrected; and reviewed thereafter, or after an actual emergency, so as to correct any deficiency found during such exercise or actual emergency.

    Integrated training16
    Integrated Training

    Aerodrome Integrated Emergency Exercise.

    Is this enough?????

    Integrated training17
    Integrated Training

    What more can we do???

    Integrated training18
    Integrated Training

    • Press the button for a practice Crash??

    • Practice Deploying the

    • Casualty Shelters??

    • Practice Setting up Terminal

    • Survivors Reception Centre??

    Integrated training19
    Integrated Training

    Preparedness is Achieved & Maintained through a Continuous Cycle








    Conduct Training


    Integrated training20
    Integrated Training

    Persons Involved in Apron Operations

    Air Traffic Controller

    The Pilot

    Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

    Follow Me Vehicle Driver

    Passenger Handling Agent

    The Co-Pilot

    Stand Allocation Officer

    Aerodrome Emergency Service

    Cabin Crew

    Aircraft Wing Man

    Apron Supervisor

    Aircraft Marshaller

    Tug Driver

    Baggage Handler

    Aircraft Cleaner

    Aerodrome Management

    Airline Representative

    Airside Operations

    Fuelling Tanker Driver

    Apron Security Staff

    Ground Controller

    Fuelling Overseer

    Aircraft Water/Toilet Services

    GPU Operator

    Integrated Training

    Operational Relationships with the Ground Incident

    The Pilot

    Cabin Crew

    The Co-Pilot

    Air Traffic Controller

    Passenger Handling Agent

    Apron Controller

    Apron Security Staff

    Terminal Managers

    Airside Operations

    Airline Representative

    Aerodrome Management

    Aerodrome Emergency Service

    Integrated training21
    Integrated Training

    Aircraft Ground Incident

    Air Traffic Control

    Aircraft Control

    Aircraft Ground Operations

    Maneuvering Area Control

    Local Radar

    Apron Safety Oversight

    ATC Training

    • ATC

    • ATC

    Emergency Response Notification & Call

    Emergency Callout

    Radio Communications

    Issue NOTAM

    Provide Additional Information

    Control Aircraft

    Maneuvering Area Control

    ATC Liaison to EOC

    Senior Management Call List

    Integrated training22
    Integrated Training

    Aircraft Ground Incident

    Aerodrome Operations Department

    Airside Safety Operations

    Runway Inspections

    Bird Control

    Department Training

    FOD Patrols

    Follow Me Services

    • Airside Operations

    • Airside Operations

    Apron Safety Oversight

    Emergency Response

    Duty Manager Reports to EOC

    Duty Supervisor Reports to MCP

    Provide Follow Me RVP

    Supplementary Water Supplies

    Assume Role of RVP Officer

    Provide Additional Assistance at the Scene

    Provide Emergency Shelters

    Integrated training23

    • Airport Emergency Services

    Integrated Training

    Aircraft Ground Incident

    Airport Emergency Service

    Station Duties


    Inspecting Facilities

    Testing Appliances & Equipment

    Providing Safety Standbys

    Task & Resource Analysis

    Rescue Equipment Analysis

    Training Needs Analysis

    Structured Learning Programs

    Training Facilities Analysis

    Training Frequency Analysis

    Maintenance of Competency


    Integrated training24
    Integrated Training

    Structured Exercise & Incident Debriefing

    Integrated training25
    Integrated Training

    Integrated TEAM