strategic intervention material
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Strategic Intervention Material

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Strategic Intervention Material . JULIE ANN MAZON BONSUBRE AGUSAN DEL SUR NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. Least Mastered Competency: Understand the chromosomal basis of inheritance and the role of DNA as a blue print of life. Subtask: Describe DNA and RNA

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strategic intervention material

Strategic Intervention Material



Least Mastered Competency: Understand the chromosomal basis of inheritance and the role of DNA as a blue print of life


  • Describe DNA and RNA
  • Use the RNA Codon table and identify codes for Amino Acid
  • Code, Decode, and Read the Genetic code

The Message from Within:

Decoding Genetic Mystery

Guide Card

“Roses are red, Violets are blue

Candies are sweet but not as sweet as you…”

Have you ever asked why flowers have different color? What would it be like for you if all flowers are red? Is it not beautiful to be unique? But what made these flower different yet so similar?

All these beautiful variation is governed by the same natural law. It is controlled by a substance man came to know as GENES.

Imagine how this substance made you unique. Have you ever wondered how genes do its work? This Material will help you break the message from within. It is designed to help you read the message written in the DNA – the CODE of life and its blueprint in the RNA.

Before you can Decode the mystery of the genes you have to master first the language of the genes. Are you ready junior detectives? Crack the code by mastering the following:

  • Describe DNA and RNA
  • Use the RNA Codon table and identify codes for Amino Acid
  • Code, Decode, and Read the Genetic code



Mastery Level 1

DNA or RNA siblings: Quite a pair!

Junior detectives, your task starts now. Your first assignment is to identify the similarities and differences between the main players of this puzzle…DNA and RNA. Look at the its picture and spot the difference. Write your answer in the table provided for you.

Table 1.Characteristics of DNA and RNA


Discuss the similarities and/ or differences between DNA and RNA chains. Write your Answer on the space provided below


Crack – Up the Code!

Mastery Level 2


Table 2: Codon Table

Nitrogenous Bases

A = Adenine

T = Thymine

C = Cytosine

G = Guanine

U = Uracil (RNA only)


Coding and Decoding Genetic Message

Mastery Level 3


You are going to code a message and send it to your co-agent (your classmate) to decode. You will, on the other hand, translate your classmate’s coded message.

Follow the direction in the ladder to code a message for your partner and crack a message from your partner.

Note: refer to the codon table when coding or decoding


Directions: Following the steps to code and decode message written using the genetic code

Step 6

Using your code, translate “thank you”

Step 5

Lastly, submit your code with a 50-word letter telling your teacher how you find your activity

Step 4

“Send” your message and write reply for the message that you will receive

Step 3

Write a message for your partner (a couple of sentence long using the code)

Step 2

Write your symbol in your journal to be used when coding or decoding message

Step 1

Agree with your partner what word will be assigned for a specific codon for your code (eg. ACU means “I” and UUU means “You”).




DO or DIE: Judgment time

Agent on training, it’s time for skill evaluation. Get ready!

Direction: using the following codes, translate the following coded messages. Good luck.

UAG = Stop (period) CCG = is… CGC = water … AUG = (Start) CCU = subject CGG = every AAA = Your CGA = drink CGU = day AAC = mother AAG = wears . . . AAU = dressesACG = funny . . . ACC = have . . .ACU = dog ACA = breath . . . AGA = the . . . AGG = are AGU = Beatles . . .AGC = best . . . AUA = rock AUC = band . . .AUU = an . . . CAA = oldCAC = rubber . . . CAG = breaks . CAU = pulled CCA = when . . . CCC = Biology . . . CUA = I CUC = love . . . CUG = roll . . . CUU = music GAA = all . . . GAC = demented ..GAG = puppiesGAU = and . . . GCA = so . . . GCC = much GCG = fun . . . GCU = education . . . GGA = door GGC = to . . . GGG = future . . . GGU = father GUA = a . . . GUC = dress . . . GUG = brotherGUU = nothing . . . UAA = we . . . UAC = in UAU = this . . . UCA = together . . . UCC = must UCG = be . . . UCU = informed . . . UGA = around UGC = you . . . UGG = read . . . UGU = littleUUA = DNA . . . UUC = code . . . UUG = for UUU = life


Genetic Code Activity


RNA Codes for Twenty AminoAcids


Using the table complete the tasks for Enrichment


Using the mRNA triplet code units and the assigned English letter equivalents, translate the following message:

  • 2. Now, using the mRNA triplet code units, write your own code message and send it to another student to decode. You in turn need to translate a message from one of your classmates.


The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation      [email protected] CN 5281, Princeton NJ 08543-5281      Tel:(609)452-7007      Fax:(609)452-0066

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Junior Detectives…after passing the evaluation, you have now mastered one of the most valued skills…

We excel thru practice, don’t settle for anything less than excellent!

You have now cracked the code, Mission Accomplished! Until our next mission.