Kgcoe msd technical review
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KGCOE MSD Technical Review. P12407- Clean, Self-Sustained Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting System Josh Stephenson Mike Grolling Thomas Praderio. Project Objective.

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KGCOE MSD Technical Review

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KGCOE MSD Technical Review

P12407- Clean, Self-Sustained Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting System

Josh Stephenson

Mike Grolling

Thomas Praderio

Project Objective

Utilize and properly manage energy from multiple sources to drive a load or charge a battery with high efficiency for portable applications

Customer Requirements

  • Design will include safety and component failure

  • Ability to manage inputs from multiple power sources

  • Investigate and benchmark technologies, components and modules

  • System will integrate power management and load distribution.

  • Establish highly efficient energy conversion parameters and design

  • System must manage energy source variability

  • Provide data acquisition points for future team's display design

  • System must be portable

  • System must include instructions for set-up and use

Project Specifications

  • Ability to generate ~5W of power

  • Voltage stabilization for battery charging (~15V ±0.05V)

  • Output voltage of 10V

  • Full solar delivery, provide a max output current of 0.5A

  • Energy Storage is ~5 A-h

  • Multiple solar panels

  • Benchmark given component's specifications

  • Calculate, design, measure each function

  • List DAQ points

  • Efficiencies for each function

Phase 1: Preliminary Design

  • Incorporates single energy source

(initial) Final Design

Final design

Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)


Standard BBC Configuration

Standard Battery Charger configuration

Standard Power management configuration

Lithium-ion batteries

Risk Management

Risk Management


  • Winter in Rochester– Forced to rely on artificial light

  • Batteries used during experimentation were 12 years old and

  • did not hold charge very long

  • Flexible PV panels did not supply enough power

  • Buck/Boost did not maintain required voltage while charging

  • Learning curve on PCB layout software

  • Scheduling with PCB ordering during the Chinese New Year

  • Working with BGA footprint

Challenges continued

  • Express PCB or Eagle CAD?

    • Proprietary vs. open standards

    • Licensing and version issues

  • Finding vendor footprints

    • Finding LGA footprints for the buck-boost

  • Board house selection

    • Price, capabilities, scheduling (Chinese new year)

  • Final decisions:

    • Eagle 5.7 for schematic and board layout

    • MyRo PCB for fabrication

Microcontroller MSP430 Detail View

Fractional Gain Amplifier for Voltage Sensing

Both op amps are powered with a 3V button-cell CR2032

Current Shunt Monitor INA193

PCB layout


Results continued

Future Considerations

  • Troubleshoot analysis on PCB

  • Added display for real-time data capture

  • New batteries


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